Republic of Newfoundland
Lýðveldið Vínlands
Timeline: Bicultural Newfoundland

OTL equivalent: Island of Newfoundland
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital St. John's, Eiríksson
Largest city St. John's
English, Vinnish
  others Beothuk, Mi'kmaq
Religion Roman Catholicism, Vinnish Lutheranism, Norse Neo-Paganism
Ethnic Group Newfoundlanders, Vinnish, Beothuk, Mi'kmaq
Demonym Newfoundlander, Newfie, Vinnish, Vinn
Government Parliamentary democratic republic
  legislature Federal legislature
President Lars Hiscock
Prime Minister Danny Williams
Area 42,030 sq mi/108,860 km²
Population 670,250 
Established c. 1000
Independence from United Kingdom and Denmark
  declared 1888
  recognized 1888
Currency Newfoundland pound
Time Zone UTC-3.5
  summer UTC-4.5
Calling Code +1 (area code 709)
Internet TLD .nf, .vn
Organizations United Nations, North American Union, Commonwealth of Nations, Nordic Nations

Newfoundland, known in Vinnish as Vinland, is a country in North America. Located in the northeastern corner of the continent, it consists of the island of the same name. Newfoundland is a parliamentary democratic republic, with President Lars Hiscock as its head of state, and Prime Minister Danny Williams as its head of government. Its capital is currently located in the largest city, St. John's, however, it will rotate to Eiriksson on January 1, 2016. This rotation occurs every four years.

Newfoundland consists of two primary ethnolinguistic groups, Newfoundlanders and Vinnish. The Newfoundlanders, who mostly speak English, live mostly in the southeastern part of the country, concentrated in the Avalon peninsula, and can mostly trace their ancestry to England and Ireland. England first laid claim to the island in 1497. The Vinnish primarily live in the northwestern part of the country and can trace their ancestry back to King Leif I, believed to have been born in Iceland. The founder of the House of Eiriksson arrived on the island c. 1000.

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