The New Zealand Partition began in October the 15th 2007 when armed police squads were deployed to the Urewera Ranges in the North Island of New Zealand after the discovery of a paramilitary training camp. After 12 weeks of surveillance, the authorities were ready to strike, so on Monday morning the first squad arrived on foot to secure the perimeter of the camp.

At 9:43am, the first shots were fired by paramilitary guards. Below is a timeline of the events that followed.

Monday October 15th 2007

9:43am: First shots fired by Tuhoe paramilitary guards. Operation Moa commences. Firefight ensues between Delta 7 and paramilitaries.

10:02am: Backup requested by Delta 7. More paramilitaries arrive by armoured pickup truck. Rocket fire reported to the south east of the camp.

10:45am: Armed police form a perimeter 5km around the camp; roads blocked off to all traffic other than government vehicles. Delta squad 4 deployed for urgent reinforcement to Delta 7.

11:00am: Delta 4 arrives on scene. Deltas 4 and 7 set up in a small house. Firefight dies down as paramilitaries regain control of the camp.

11:56am: Situation upscaled from police operation to military operation. The 12th Artillery Division, the 11th Armoured Division and five truckloads of soldiers arrive at HQ Alpha, near the perimeter. Two Air force helicopters deployed for aerial recon missions over the camps.

12:45pm: Deltas 4 and 7 running low on ammunition and requesting evac. Three NZLAVs are deployed to the camp for pickup. Rockets fired at LAVs and minimal damage was sustained. Deltas 4 and 7 evacuated safely and paramilitaries regain control of the camp.

1:00pm: Urewera Siege begins. The artillery bombardment of the camp provides cover for ground squads advancing on camp. Three Air force helicopters also provide cover for the ground squads.

2:33pm: First casualty reported; Lance Corporal Daniel Smith. Siege now receiving major national news coverage and minor international news coverage in Australia.

4:00pm: Most of the camp has been captured by Government forces, only a small contingent of paramilitaries remain holed up in a old house.

5:30pm: House stormed by Special Forces team called up from a training exercise in the South Island. Four paramilitaries were killed and three captured.

7:00pm: Operation Moa declared over by General Albertson.

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