Duchy of New Zealand
Timeline: [[English World]]

OTL equivalent: New Zealand
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Say Hello To Paradise! (English)

Capital Auckland
Largest city Auckland
Other cities Manchester, Boston, Corkland
  others Maori, Irish, Welsh
Ethnic Group New Zealander
Demonym New Zealander, Paradiser
Government Duchy
Population 3,568,380 
Established June 23, 1672
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared September 4, 1712
Currency Oceania Dollar
Time Zone New Zealand-Eastern Australia
Internet TLD
 New Zealand got its independece from Britain after long wants, complaints and then finally Scandinavians went to London to talk Paraliment into letting it be independent. It was the first peaceful independence in history. New Zealand has been described as "paradise", with many beaches and delicious food.

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