The New York Knicks are a professional American basketball franchise in the NBA, and are one of the oldest organizations in the league, having been founded in 1945 and being one of the charter members of the NBA in 1949. A storied franchise, the Knicks won two BLA (1947, 1948) titles and four NBA titles (1949, 1950, 1969, 1970) between 1947-1970 before embarking on a forty-year title drought ended with their sweep of the San Francisco Warriors in the 2010 NBA Finals, giving them their fifth NBA title and seventh all-time championship.

Despite the Forty-Year Drought, as fans call it, the Knicks are a highly successful franchise with a fiercely loyal fanbase. During the 1970's, they won the most games of any organization that decade despite having only one championship, and on five occasions (1981-82, 1985-86, 1989-90, 1990-91, and 2000-01) they had the best record in the league during the regular season and failed to win a title, on three of those same occasions failing to advance to the Finals, and in the 2000-01 playoffs falling to eighth-seeded archrival Brooklyn in three games in the first round despite having a league-and-franchise-best 68-14 record, three games behind the all-time mark set by the 1991-92 Tacoma SuperSonics (later surpassed by the 2003-04 New Orleans Jazz).

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