New York Province
Map New England New York (VegWorld)
Capital New York City
Largest Cities New York City
Population 7,072,000
Our Timeline Equivalent New York State, minus the northern Finger Lakes.

New York is the most populous province in New England. It borders the provinces of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut to the east, and Lenape and Pennsylvania to the southwest. To the southeast is the Atlantic Ocean. It also borders the Iroquois Nation to its north, between it and the Great Canada River. Its largest city, New York City, is not only the largest city in New England, but also the second-largest city in Pemhakamik and the New World.

About New York

New York is traditionally mostly Algonquian around the Atlantic seaboard, and Iroquoian toward the Great Canada River. However, Algonquians predominate in the state, mostly because some Iroquois factions ceded from New York State to form a separate country. New York is one of the mid-Atlantic provinces and thus enjoys a nice climate, though the winters are often quite cold. New York has the third-largest single Nature Preservation Area in New England, after Virginia and Maine. The Adirondack Provincial Park protects a great swath of forest, and much of the area is under the "Forever Wild" clause in the New York Constitution, the first area in New England to be designated as such.


New York has numerous divisions, including counties, Semi-Autonomous Regions/Areas (SARs/SAAs), and Nature Preservation Areas (NPAs).



67% Vegetarian
33% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

60% European
12% Pemhakamik Aboriginal
08% Southeastern Algonquian
02% Southeastern Iroquoian
02% other Aboriginal
10% Oriental
03% Sub-Saharan African
02% Indian
01% Pachan
08% mixed race
04% others


Not Complete - Disregard Below

70% English
03% Algonquian languages
04% Iroquoian languages
03% Scots
02% Gaelic languages
02% other Germanic languages
01% Romance languages (Spanish, Catalan, French, etc)
02% others


Not Complete - Disregard Below

33% Nonreligious
13% atheist
20% agnostic
24% Christian
11% Catholic
07% Quaker
06% other Christian
23% Cathar
04% Jewish
02% Hindu
01% Buddhist
01% Jain
10% various Aboriginal beliefs
02% other

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