State of New York
— State of United States of America
Timeline: The Era of Relative Peace

OTL equivalent: State of New York
Flag of New York Seal of New York
Flag Seal
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Location of New York State within the United States.

Excelsior (Latin) (English)
("Ever Upward")

Capital Albany
Largest city New York City
Other cities New City, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Niagara
  others Native American languages, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Religion Roman Catholicism
Demonym New Yorker
Legislature New York Legislature
Area 141,300 km²
Admission July 26, 1788
Abbreviations NY
New York is a state of the United States of America located on the northeastern Atlantic coast. The state is bordered by Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and the Canadian province of Ontario. It is often called New York State or the State of New York in order not to avoid confusion when referring to New York City (which is also called New York by convenience). It's capital is Albany while the biggest city is New York City which is also the biggest city in the U.S. Other cities in the state include Syracuse, Buffalo, New City, and Niagara Falls.


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World War III

As World War III expanded into the Atlantic, the state of New York was attacked by Soviet-sponsored terrorists, particularly in New York City when they tried to hold several landmarks hostage as means for U.S. forces to pull out from Europe. The combined efforts of the military, the National Guard of both New York and New Jersey, and the law enforcement of both states foiled their plans. In addition, there were alleged sightings of Soviet submarines and freighters off the coast of Long Island.

The 21st Century

On September 11, 2001, New York City was targeted by the World Revolution Army; a mere 12 years from the first terrorist attack at the time of World War III.