New World Rebellion Map

Political Map

Post Ice Age 5670 BC - 1800 BC

The Uprising of The Egyptians 5670 BC - 256 AD

After the Ice Age, the Egyptians start to hunt for food on land and on water along the Nile River. They grew larger and stronger and formed the Egyptian empire. The Libyans are unable to stop Egypt's expansion and so they are wiped-out to extinction. Sudan gained independence from Egypt in 3960 BC until they feel like becoming the first Egyptian colony in 2640 BC due to Barbarian refugees came from Somalia and Kenya.

Persia's Wrath 5010 BC - 10 AD

Persia rises to the power and competes with Egypt. They destroyed the Indus Valley and expands into the east, yet failed to colonize China and Tibet.

Survival of Olmec 800 BC - 1260 AD

The Olmec Empires survives but later suavely defeated by the Aztecs in 1260 AD. That's all I:-I.

Carthage, Sparta and Minolta Rise to the Power 1600 BC - 1275 AD

Hannibal pushes down to Africa Classified Date

Hannibal makes his redemption on invading colonizing all of Africa excluding Egypt and their colonies of Sudan and Ethiopia.

Crete and Cyprus, the Areas of Minos influence and Minoan Empire Circa. 570 BC

The Minos never falls but starts expanding and invades Phoenicia. In return Syria is rewarded as a first colony of the Minoan Empire. Famous for helping Sparta defeating the Roman Empire in 1894 with help from the Carthaginians.

Alexander becomes a Spartan Classified Date

Alexander the great becomes the Emperor of Sparta instead of Athens. and Conquers Iraq from the Arabians.

Age of Colonization 1000 AD - 1900 AD

Survival of the French 900 AD

Joan of Arc is never captured or executed by the English and in response the French invasion of Normandy became an early finish. Normandy gains Independence from France and Take English very seriously.

Wales and Scotland Invades England 1275 AD

Wales invade England and Cornwall and Scotland takes Northern England

Aztec VS America

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