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New Westminster (English)
Нью-Вестминстер (Russian)

OTL equivalent: Metro Vancouver
Flag of New Westminster BC Coat of Arms of New Westminster, British Columbia
Flag Coat of Arms
Typical (2821208434)
Skyline of New Westminster

Motto: In God We Trust

Country Flag of Alaska (Russian America) Alaska
Governorate      Flag of Columbia (Russian America) Columbia
Uyezd Nyu-Vestminstersky Uyezd
English and Russian (de facto)
  others Chinese, German, Norwegian
Anglicans and Pentecostals
  others Buddhists, Eastern Orthodox, Jews
Founded 1858
Population 2,160,821 (2007 Census)
Time zone BLST (UTC-8)
  summer BLDT (UTC-7)

New Westminster (Russian: Нью-Вестминстер, Nyu-Vestminster) is the second largest city of Alaska and the largest city of the governorate of Columbia.

New Westminster (Russian: Нью-Уэстминстер, N'yu-Uestminster), is the capital and largest city of the Governorate of Columbia as well as the second largest city of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. Because of its location at the mouth of the Fraser River, the settlements in the area became a base for the British during the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush in the late 1850s. Following the Columbia Purchase, the city's central location in Russian America helped place it as a railway hub by the 1890s.

The city would become a gateway for prospectors traveling north during the gold rushes of the 1890s and early 1900s. The city became a major hub for the short-lived Commonwealth of Columbia, and quickly regained its place as a keystone city upon the reunification of Alaska. Since reunification, New Westminster began to develop into a center of Alaskan technology, leading to a population boom and eventually outnumbering Baranovsk in population by the 1970s. In 2010, New Westminster hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics (becoming the second time Alaska has hosted the games).

New Westminster is characterized as a historically British city and was named in honor of the City of Westminster in England. While the archaic name Novovestminster (Нововестминстер) was the commonly used Russian name up until the 1920s, the more Anglified N'yu-Uestminster (Нью-Уэстминстер) became the standard name during the Alaskan Wars and was formalized upon reunification. Due to the city's cultural blending of English and Russian, the city has been nicknamed the "New Orleans of Alaska."

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