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Most Serene Duchy of New Venice
Serenissima Ducato di Nova Venetia
Timeline: Game of Nations
OTL equivalent: Southern Louisiana, Mobile to Tallahassee, Tampa Bay, Bahamas, and Jamaica
Flag of New Venice (GoN).png Coat of Arms of New Venice.png
Coat of arms
"Deo Juvante"
Royal anthem: 
"For the Glory of the Duke"
Location of New Venice (GoN).png
CapitalNew Venice
Official languages Italian
Demonym New Venetian
 -  Duke Otto I
House of Orseolo
 -  Doge Phillipe Sommaripa


Early History

The Venetian colony of Polo was the first colony formed in 1520 in order for the colonizing nation, Venice to compete with Genoan colonization of Cuba. Later, New Venice was founded in the year 1650 by colonialists from the Republic of Venice wanting to improve Venetian trade in the region. The colony was mirrored by the second colony of Donato named for the original owner of the Venetian Atlantic trading company. The colony continued to expand with trade up the Mississippi river leading to much expansion. It also invaded the Tuetonic Bahamas soon after establishing Venetian rule and naming it the New Archipelago after the Duchy of the Archipelago. The New Archipelago still has major Greek influence in its culture.

From its formation in 1520 to 1700 Polo was the capitol of the Venetian domains, until the growth and movement of the Venetian nobility to New Venice forced the capitol to move to New Venice. Through much of the 17th century Polo experienced a period of decline with New Venice expanding, although it also experienced an influx of capitol due to its issuing of privateering licenses.

Later Colonization and Independence

During the later period of colonization Venice itself began to weaken, leading for the colony of New Venice to fend for itself. It began issuing privateering licensees in the New Archipelago and Polo leading to a major boom in the economy. Many famous pirates where licensed to the Venetian government including Blackbeard.

In 1800 Venice was over run and occupied leading to the governor of Venice at the time, Antonio Orseolo declaring himself Duke over the Venetian colonies. The transition although largely peaceful experienced some opposition mainly in the region of the New Archipelago. In order to quell the opposition the Duke declared that a Doge would be elected in order to run the immediate affairs of the nation. The Duke styled himself Antonio I of New Venice.

Early History

The early years of New Venice marked expansion of trade throughout itself. New Romania would become a major trading partner with New Venice assuming the roll of transporting goods. Trading posts in Africa and Asia where opened in 1807 in order to streamline the process of Trade.


New Venice has a stable, prosperous and high-tech economy and enjoys great wealth, being ranked as the wealthiest country in the world per capita in multiple rankings. In 2011 it was ranked as the wealthiest country in the world in per capita terms (with "wealth" being defined to include both financial and non-financial assets), and the 2013 World bank Global Wealth Report showed that New Venice was the country with the highest average wealth per adult in 2013.

New Venice also has the largest banking industry in the world. According to the World Bank, New Venice has the largest amount of monetary capital in the world. The New Venice banking industry is based out of Verona, with many banks competing for capitol.

New Venice also boasts one of the largest corporate industries in the world, with many companies being moved their with its low taxes, and many of the largest companies in the world pre-established there. The New Venice sugar and oil industries have dominated Cuba leading it to come under the hegemony of Venetian corporations. In Polo Cornaro street has many of the worlds largest corporations, with Polo being considered the economic capitol of the world, with the Polo Stock Exchange being the place that the worlds companies are bought and sold.

As New Venice being a nation with few laws governing commerce gambling has become a large industry, especially in the New Archipelago. The Ducal Casino has achieved much praise.

Following the roots of Venice, New Venice also has the most ships registered to itself of any nation in the world because of its cheap registration fee. Many of the world's shipping companies are based out of New Venice.

New Venice also has de facto universal healthcare because of the Catholic Church and its opening of free hospitals throughout the nation. This is caused by most of the Patrician families paying a tithe to the church. The church has also completely eradicated poverty in New Venice.


The Government of New Venice is organized by the Duke, under the Duke the Doge, under the Doge the High Court (Royal Court), under the court the Senate, and under the Senate the councils. The Duke is a hereditary position, while the Doge is elected by the high court. The High court is comprised of representatives of 40 of New Venice's most powerful families. The Senate is selected by the people who pay a poll tax of Five Ducats (5000 USD), the Senate in turn selects the members of the councils.

The Councils run the day to day aspects of the nation, creating laws and other regulatory duties. The Councils include the Military council, Agriculture council, the Education council and many more. If a Senator disagrees with one of the laws he must petition the Senators and get 40% of the other senators signatures and then he can bring the law to be voted inside the Senate. If the Doge or the Duke disagrees with a law they can veto it. The High Court has the same rights to get rid of the council's decision by petitioning 40% of the Court.

In order to amend the high charter (constitution) it must be passed by the Senate, High Court, and approved by the Duke and Doge. It also must be approved by each of the provinces of New Venice.


New Venice is comprised into 5 provinces, with each one being given a royal title.