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The Republic of New Vegas is a survivor state in Southern Nevada. The state weakly controls the strip of the Colorado River bordering the former states of Nevada and Arizona.

OTL equivalent: Clark Co., Nevada
Flag of Nevada Nevada-StateSeal
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital New Vegas
Largest city New Vegas
  others Spanish
President Oscar Goodman
Area ~1000 sq mi
Population est. 80,000 
Independence December 3rd, 1991


Pre Doomsday

Before Doomsday Las Vegas served as one of the cultural epicenters of the United States. The cities main form of economy was tourism, tourists where drawn to the city by its number of casinos, and other major attractions. Prostitution was legal in the state of Nevada, and as a result some considered prostitution to be another way to make money and draw tourists.


Las Vegas was completely destroyed during Doomsday, with the valley serving as a bowl to maximize the destruction caused by nuclear firestorms. The few survivors from the Las Vegas area manage to establish small communties along the Colorado River. The largest formed around the famous Hoover Dam, and was named "New Vegas" after the destroyed city of sin.

Age of Marauders, and Desert traders

more to come.

Beginnings of Democratic Reform and the Modern Era

more to come.


The economy of the Republic of New Vegas mostly consists of subsistance agriculture, and is heavily reliant on the income gained by selling excess water to neighboring states and aid from Sierra Nevada.


more to come.

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