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New Union Treaty-New Union

The original 15 republics based on their cooperation with the New Union Treaty.

  Gained complete independence from the USSR
  Signatories (August 20, 1991)
  September 5, 1991
  September 25, 1991
  January 13, 1992

The Treaty of the union of sovereign states (Russian: Договор о союзе суверенных государств, Dogovor o soyuze suverennykh gosudarstv), commonly known in English as the New Union Treaty or the new Union Treaty, is a document that voided the original creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and replaced it with the Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics.

The treaty was signed in Moscow on August 20, 1991 by Kazakhstan, Russia, and Uzbekistan. Additional republics would sign the treaty, with the most recent being Circassia, Cossackia, and Crimea on May 25, 1999.


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