Timeline: Mankind Reborn
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The New States of America is a country in North America, centered in what remains of Chicago and officially occupies southern Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


Following the end of the Asteroid Winter, Chicago became a hub of activity as groups in different makeshift settlers made contact with one another. After agreeing to unite as one, the people of Chicago elected Albert Monroe as President, with his first act being to send scouts out to find others. Locating several groups in Southern Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin, they convinced these groups to join them as the New States of America.

However, the NSA state of Wisconsin encountered the Empire of Northern Michigan, which invaded Wisconsin in attempt to expand the Empire. In response, the NSA went to war. In the Great Michigan War, the NSA claimed its first victory over another nation, and annexed the Empire. After the War, Government Control was increased in most states.

One of the key reasons that the Government has such good communication is due to the mail service, which has given a sense of unity to most of its people. However, the only areas that are part of the NSA is around the coast of Lake Michigan, but the NSA is currently expanding into the rest of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. With the Allied States of America competing with the NSA, the Military and economy have been expanded.


The Parties are as follows,

Liberal Party: Liberal.

Democrat Party: Based on the Democrats.

Republican party: Based on the Republicans.

The current party that controls the Government is the Democrat Party.


The active Military is 90,000 with 100,000 reserves.

Air force

The Air Force is made up of several fighter Aircraft recovered from air bases located in the NSA. Over 500 have been currently recovered. The Air force is the key reason for NSA victory in the Great Michigan War, as low amount of Aircraft in the Empire resulted in their defeat.


With a Light Economy, the key is mining, farming, fishing, and trade. However, it has since grown to help out the growing expansion of NSA territory. It is now one of the most sound economies in the world.