New States
Wapi Fayuul

Timeline: Luna: Earth II
New States flag
New States map (in orange)

In God We Trust (official)
E Pluribus Unum (traditional)

Anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner"
(and largest city)
New Earth
Language English, French, Russian
Religion Protestant
Ethnic Group White, black, Asian, Indian
Demonym New American, New Statian
Government Federal presidential; constitutional republic
Governor John McCain
Area approx. 356,311 km²
Population approx. 32,000 
Established 2014
Currency United States dollar ($)
Calling Code +1
Internet TLD .lus
Organizations Colony of United Dominion of Tilkini

The New States (colloquially "New S." (a play on "U.S."), "New S.A." and "New-nited States") is a Lunar colony to be fully established in 2014. It is the largest colony in the United Dominion of Tilkini with the largest expected population of an estimated 32,000 people. It is widely considered the 51st state of the United States by many Americans, but it is really an unincorporated organized territory. Its first and expected governor is John McCain.





New States counties:
1- Jefferson
2- Adams
3- Polk
4- Hayes
5- Monroe
6- Austin
7- Lincoln
8- Colbert
9- King
10- Clinton
11- Francisco
12- Armstrong