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New Songhai
Free State of New Songhai
Timeline: Atlantic Islands
Flag of New Songhai
Location of New Songhai in the Corner Islands.

Reunited by History. (English)

(and largest city)
  others Songhai
  others Christianity
Ethnic Group Songhai, English, French
Demonym New Songhai
Government Constitutional presidential republic
Population est. 164,150 
Independence from the British Corner Islands
Time Zone AST (UTC−04:00)
Calling Code +24
Internet TLD .ng
Organizations Atlantic Islands Forum

New Songhai, officially the Free State of New Songhai, is an island nation located in the Corner Islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean. Originally discovered and settled by the Norse, the island nation was formed by Songhai sailors during their greatest extent of their empire. In times of American slavery, the island was sanctuary to freed and runaway slaves. Unfortunately, despite its idealistic aims, it became a byword for corruption and poverty. It established relations with Britain, which caused an American blockade during the War of 1812-1814.

The island was annexed to the British Corner Islands, with little opposition. However, many of African (especially Songhai) descent were treated as second-class citizens in their own island, which angered many inhabitants. An independence movement took place, resulting in the independence of the nation the next year.

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