Wapi Síbíya
Новая Сибирь
New Siberia

Timeline: Luna: Earth II
New Siberia flag
New Siberia map (in brown)

Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!
(Translit.: Proletarii vsekh stran, soyedinyaytes'!)
("English: Workers of the world, unite!")

Anthem "The Internationale (1922–1944)
Hymn of the Soviet Union (1944–)"
(and largest city)
Language Russian
Religion Orthodox Christian
Ethnic Group White
Demonym New Siberian, New Soviet, Soviet
Government Union socialist soviet republic, single-party communist state
Area approx. 247,521 km²
Population approx. 11,000 
Established November 22, 2013
Currency Soviet ruble (руб)
Calling Code +7
Internet TLD .lsu
Organizations Colony of United Dominion of Tilkini

Divisions of New Siberia:
1- Donskoy
2- Pyotr
3- Chekhov
4- Gagarin
5- Tolstoy
6- Gorbachev
7- Ozero
8- Sankt Basil

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