Dependent Territory of New Saigon
Lãnh thổ phụ thuộc Sài Gòn Mới
— Dependency of Vietnam
Timeline: Venusian Haven

OTL equivalent: Alta Regio (Venus)
Flag of New Saigon (Venusian Haven)
Flag of New Saigon
Map of Venus (Venusian Haven)
Location of New Saigon (center right).
Capital New Saigon
  others English, Russian
  others Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy
Demonym New Saigonese
Government Semi-presidential dependency
  legislature National Assembly
Established 1999
Currency Venerka (฿) (VEN)
Organizations VF

New Saigon (Russian: Новый Сайгон, Noviy Saygon; Vietnamese: Sài Gòn Mới), officially known as the Dependent Territory of New Saigon, is a Venusian colony under the joint control of the Soviet Union and Vietnam. The colony was established in 1999 as part of the Intercosmos program allowing fellow socialist states to settle on Venus. The origins of the colony began in 1996, in which many Vietnamese activists in the United States and western Europe began demanding a colony on Venus. The move gained mixed feelings in Vietnam, but gradually was seen as an interesting idea. In cooperation between the USA and the USSR, the colony was agreed to be a Vietnamese-governed colony, backed by by the USSR, and opened to all Vietnamese. Both Vietnamese natives and exiles took the chance to colonize the region, and has evolved into a non-aligned colony for Vietnam.


The flag of New Saigon was adopted in 2004, depicting an inverted Vietnamese flag with "six boxes" on the sides. The inverted flag is in honor for Soviet-support and funding for the colony (which remains under Soviet influence), while the six boxes represent the former flag of South Vietnam. As with the original flag, the "lines" represent the bagua diagrams. Because the lines are separated by the red star, many have expressed that it now represents the symbol for earth (rather than the traditional heaven or fire), which is said to define the footing for the colony.

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