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New Russia governorates (Russian America)

The governorates of New Russia.

New Russia (Russian: Новая Россия, Novaya Rossiya) is a political and historical region located in central Alaska. The region currently comprises of the governorates of New Caledonia, Sitka (including the capital, New Archangel), the Queen Charlotte Islands, Tongass, and Yakutat.

Historically, the term New Russia was the name of two separate entities. The first was the Oblast of New Russia, which was a subdivision of Russian America under Russian rule. The second was the Governorate of New Russia, which was a subdivision of the Alaskan Republic and one of the founding members of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic.

The name gains its origins mostly from the ship Slava Rossia and the trading post which is modern day Slavorossiysk. The name of the trading post had varying names, including "New Russia" (which came into official use in the 1830s). The regional name can be described as being similar to New England within the United States.

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