Unified States of New Romania
Timeline: Game of Nations
OTL equivalent: United States of America
May God be with you! (In American Romanian)
Praise the land! (In American Romanian)
Largest city New London
Official languages American Romanian
Regional Languages English, French, Italian, Latin
Demonym New Romanian
 -  Representer of the people Tom Davies
 -  2nd Repesenter of the people Finlay Simpson
Legislature Grand Assembly
 -  Upper house Lords Parliament
 -  Lower house People's Senate
 -  Declaration of Independence October 4, 1777 
 -  2015 estimate 200,000,000 
Currency Romanian Dollar (K)
Time zone New Romanian Time
Date formats YYYY/MM/DD
Drives on the Right
The Unified States of New Romania, or simply known as New Romania or USNR, is a nation situated in North America.

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