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New Quebec

Timeline: Luna: Earth II
New Quebec flag
New Quebec map (in light green)
(and largest city)
Language French
Religion Orthodox Christian
Ethnic Group White
Demonym Nouveau-Québécois(e)
New Quebecker/Quebecer
Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
President Jean Giacobbi
Area approx. 89,124 km²
Population approx. 4,000 
Established January 2, 2016
Currency Euro (€)
Calling Code 33
Internet TLD .lfr
Organizations Colony of United Dominion of Tilkini

New Quebec (French: Nouveau-Québec) is a Lunar colony to be fully established in 2017. It is smallest colony in the United Dominion of Tilkini with the smalest expected population of an estimated 6,000 people. It is mainly composed of lakes and islands with not enough land to have a large population. Its first expected leader is Jean Giacobbi.


The name of New Quebec was questionable; originally, many French inhabitants wanted to name it "New France," but there had already been a French colony with that name. Some decided it should be called "New Quebec," after the Canadian province with mostly-French inhabitants, the same former New France. The government of France then put a vote for the new colony's name, and it was decided that New Quebec would be the colony's name. Canada's colony was called "New Canada" after originally calling it New Quebec as well.




New Quebec regions:
1- Casque
2- Gaulle
3- L'Océan
4- Île des fleurs
5- Île du Cheval
6- Louis XIV
7- Jeanne d'Arc
8- Île de Napoleon