Wapi Prusha
Neue Preußen
New Prussia

Timeline: Luna: Earth II
New Prussia flag
New Prussia map (in blue)
(and largest city)
New Berlin
Language German
Religion Protestant, Catholicism, Selenism
Ethnic Group White
Demonym New German, New Germanic
Government Federal parliamentary republic
Minister-President Norbert Lammert
Area approx. 119,371 km²
Population approx. 7,200 
Established December 29, 2013
Currency Euro (€)
Calling Code 49
Internet TLD .lde
Organizations Colony of United Dominion of Tilkini

New Prussia is a Lunar colony to be fully established in 2013. It is expected to be the fifth-largest colony in the United Dominion of Tilkini with the second-smallest population of an estimated 7,200 people. Its first expected leader is Norbert Lammert.


States of New Prussia:
1- Mond
2- Hindenburg
3- Einstein
4- Ferdinand
5- Augustus
6- Beethoven
7- Bach