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  • Ethiopia expands into the Arabian peninsula.
  • Because of the problems at home the Ayyubid Sultanate tries to integrate new tribes into its empire.
  • Portugal expands on the Arabian peninsula.



  • Komi, Novgorod, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine continue to advance.
  • Russian Tsardom begins to pull back from the east in order to protect its heartland.
  • The taking of Mecca causes the Arabian tribes to unite under a Caliph and declares war on Ethiopia.
  • With Jerusalem, Damascus and Mecca under Christian control, many Muslims suffer a crisis of faith and convert to Christianity.
  • Byzantine Rome takes Carthage and advances to Alexandria where it lays siege to the city.
  • The Turkish Empire reconquers its Ayyubid controlled lands and turns its sights to the treacherous Russians.
  • Ethiopia concludes its conquest of the Ayyubid controlled portions of the Arabian peninsula.


  • Byzantine Rome invades North Africa from Carthage.
  • The Ayyubids collapse and a new sultanate, The Mamluk Sultanate forms.
  • Under the Muslim banner Arabia, Sudan and the Mamluks wage war against Ethiopia.
  • Kara Khitai sees that the Turks are weak from their wars with the Ayyubids and hopes to regain some of its former glory.
  • Pagan conquers the southern half on Nan Chao, Pagan is now the central power in Southeast Asia.


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Koryo Rallies and pushes back the Japanese.

Srivijaya Completes its conquest of Borneo.

Malwa attacks the Portuguese colonies in India, starting with a massive surge.

Belarus and Lithuania make gains against Russia, causing Lithuania to lose its border with Russia.

Sweden absorbs Venice's former colonies into its colonial empire, and condemns the Frankreich and the Byzantine empires for treating their colonies "as a means to gain wealth, not an important part of your empire" Sweden also finishes colonizing the east coast of south America.

Meanwhile, Sweden invades Prussian Germany, and crushes the much less advanced Prussian army with its newly invented field artillery and contact fused rockets.

1239Map game


1240 corrected A rebel coutry by the name of Siberia forms in northern Tsardom lands

Byzantine Rome conquers the northern coast of the Mamluk Sultanate

Japan conquers indigenous islands to its south.


  • The emperor of the Song Dynasty dies and the Jin Dynasty takes control of the Song government, the new massive empire is called Zhōngguó (literally China).
  • Sudan captures the northern part of Ethiopia, allowing the Mamluk army to travel north and defend itself from Byzantine Rome.
  • The Mamluk Sultanate recaptures some of its northern territory along the sea.
  • The Arabian Caliphate takes Ethiopia's northern holdings in Arabia and conquers some territory from Byzantine Rome\
  • Pagan captures a small part of Nan Chao.
  • Prussian Germany invades Poland in order to regain some of its Prussian homeland. Lithuania becomes wary.

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Map game eurasia

Having conquered Hanover and Holland, Sweden signs a a peace treaty with Prussia, allowing Prussia to concentrate on Poland.

Sweden begins colonizing North America above the former Venetian colonies, and their South American colonies expand hugely.

Ethiopia uses weapons sold to them by the Swedes to launch a powerful offensive against Sudan, conquering almost half of its territory, and they succeed in driving back the Arab invaders.

Ethiopia continues to expand into eastern Africa

Byzantine Rome Conquers more of the Mamluk Sultanate



  • With the Mamluks soundly beaten, they surrender to both Ethiopia and Byzantine Rome under the condition that they maintain their independence.
  • The Sudanese sultan is killed, his son agrees to peace with Ethiopia.
  • With peace with the Mamluks and Sudan, Ethiopia fortifies its Arabian holdings to prevent any gains by the Arabs.
  • Byzantine Rome consolidates its power, fortifying its conquests and sending thousands of settlers to establish Byzantine culture in the conquered lands. The Patriarchates of Damascus, Alexandria, and Jerusalem are re-established marking a great achievement for Orthodox Christianity. The lands taken by the Arab Caliphate are retaken easily from the unorganized Arab tribesmen.
  • The Tsardom of Russia, its population devastated from decades of war on multiple fronts, and its food supply dwindling from lack of men for the harvest, agrees to peace with its European border nations and the Turkish Empire. It establishes fortified positions along the Chinese border, but the age of aggressive Russian expansion is over.
  • The Rulers of Poland and Lithuania enter a personal union. While the nations are separate, they are jointly ruled by the King of Poland.



  • The Mamluks try to integrate new tribes into there country.
  • The Portuguese expand their territories in the Arabian peninsula.
  • The Arabian Caliphate conquers some Turkish territory.
  • The Somali Empire integrates the Somali tribes.
  • The Swahili people unite into one state.

Australia 1243

  • An Ethiopian ship trying to make its way to a theorised west coast of the new world goes off course and lands on an unknown continent.
  • Japanese explorers make their way to the new continent.


Map game 1244.

Japan and Koryo make peace with each other. Japan is allowed to keep their territories in Koryo.

Japan begins to expand and takes control of Champa and Dai Viet.

Map game 1244 austrailia.

Japan expands its territories here.


Map game 1245

  • Ethiopia recaptures Mecca and forms a puppet state made up of Islamic Ethiopians to rule it and some territories taken from the Mamluks.
  • The Sultanate of Sudan expands and integrates more tribes into its empire.
  • The Somali Empire integrates the last of the Somali tribes.
  • The Mamluks take some Berber land.
  • The Berber people unite as the Berber state to fight off the Sultanate and the Mamluks.
  • Jurchen annexes Mongolia.
  • The Ghurid Sultanate expands.

Map game 1245 austrailia

  • Japan and Ethiopia expands in Australia
  • The Portuguese land in Australia
  • The Yapa people unite against the Japanese

America 1245

  • Ethiopian explorers find the fabled west coast of the new world.



  • Byzantine Rome establishes territory on a pair of newly discovered islands near New Ethiopia and New Japan.
  • Xinjaing invades Kara Khitai.
  • The much more organized but overextended army of the Turkish Empire reconquers lands lost to the Arabian Caliphate after making peace with Kara Khitai.
  • The nomadic tribes of Kolyma push out the forces of China. With the land being sparsely populated and unfortified, China decides the land isn't worth the effort. (We forgot China unified a few years back).
  • Mongolia expands slightly into Kolyma.


Civil war erupts in Japan between the Emperor and a military leader called the Shogun. Every Japanese military unit is recalled to the home islands to fight on one side or the other.

Taking advantage of the lack of resistance, Koryo, The Khmer Empire and Srivijaya seize some of Japan's overseas possessions. Koryo drives the Japanese out of (OTL) Korea. The Khmer Empire seizes (OTL) Vietnam, and Srivijaya seizes the (OTL) Philippines, as well as conquering Celebes against fairly stiff, but disorganized, resistance.

The Berbers attack the Mamluks and the Sultanate of Sudan, making early gains.

Sweden incorporates Iceland into its hegemony.




  • Sensing the Mamluks weakness against the Berber state Islamic Ethiopia invades and conquers most of the south.
  • Wary of the Berber problem Ethiopia supplies the Sultanate of Sudan with advanced equipment to fight off the unorganised tribesmen.
  • Sweden invades Prussia.
  • The Swahili people and some other tribes integrate into the Somali Empire.
  • Bengal and Sindh are integrated into the Ghurid Sultanate.
  • Taking advantage of the chaos in Sudan the Somali Empire occupies some of the Sultanate Of Sudan and renames itself the Kingdom of Punt.


  • The Japanese territories in Australia rebel and form New Japan.
  • Continuing its tradition of puppet states Ethiopia forms a state made up of indigenous tribesmen and Jewish immigrants in Australia.
  • The Byzantines and Portuguese expand in Australia.
  • The Yapa Tribes expand into new territory.

America 1248

  • The Ethiopians and Byzantines work on a practical application of Greek steam technology to create a new form of propulsion.
  • The Byzantines expand into North America.
  • Ethiopia expands its territory in North America.


  • Byzantine Rome conquers part of the Fertile Crescent from the Turks.
  • Islamic Ethiopia rebels and kills the puppet governor. They attack Ethiopia and gain some territory.
  • Disgruntled Meccans and the Arabian Caliphate work together to capture the Islamic Ethiopian territory on the Arabian peninsula.
  • The Mamluks recapture a bit of the their northern territory.
  • The Frankreich colonizes a part of Africa.
  • China attacks Xinjiang and conquers some land.
  • China sets up an area for exiled prisoners in southern Australia.
  • Sweden conquers the Inca empire and finishes colonizing South America.
  • The Swedes manage to steal some of the Byzantine empire's research on steam power, and manage to create a working steam engine
  • The Tsardom's diplomats manage to convince Komi, Novgorod, Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland-Lithuania to unite under its banner to resist the power of Sweden and the Byzantine Empire.
  • America 1249
  • Eurasia 1249


The Indians meet the Old world settlers and form the Native Protection Pact and captures the mid west



  • Islamic Ethiopia is dissolved and its territories split amongst the Arab Caliphate and the Mamluks.
  • The heirs to the thrones of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus seize power claiming their fathers have all gone crazy to have submitted willingly. Novgorod and Komi, maintain the decision, citing cultural ties with Russia.
  • Byzantine Rome, Ukraine, and Belarus form the Orthodox League, a mutual defence alliance. An invitation is sent to the Russian Tsardom but no answer is received yet.
  • Due to unrest, disease, and lack of manpower, Sweden loses control of most of western South America.
  • With Orthodox occupation of Rome for so long, the Pope moves his seat of power to Toledo. The Orthodox church establishes a new Patriarch of Rome to fill the vacancy.
  • The Turkish Empire allies with the Arabian Caliphate and Ghurid Sultanate for mutual defence against the Russian and Byzantine orthodox powers.
  • Japanese forces crush the rebellion in New Japan, bringing it once again under Japanese control.


  • 1252
  • Orthodox League finally receive the reply they were hoping for from Russia. Russia joins the Mutual Defense League/Pact/Alliance
  • Siberia, suffering a particularly harsh winter, opt to rejoin the Tsardom only if to get enough aid, says the government. The people, unfortunately wish to finally get their Dictatorial leaders killed for what they have done and ask the Tsardom to summarily execute them, which they gladly do in exchange for Siberia to seek never to rebel again.
  • Russia and Xinjaing become close trade partners, mainly for the fact the Xinjaing has no connection any ocean.
  • Sweden losses further control of her colonies and Mexico and Cuba rebel and make call themselves (someone more intelligent then me put a Swedish/Incan sounding names here). They rebelled due to the loss in life when a disease spreads through both countries. The Swedish military only responds at first by sending militia, as they want to keep the Sweden well protected from what could possibly be an emboldened Russia; unfortunately the militia either joins the Swede's in Cuba, disliking the crown for what happened elsewhere in South America, or get destroyed in in Mexico (extremely bad supply's and large scale infection of the disease). Sweden reluctantly accepts their independence (for now) in order to watch for any Russian attacks or anything else really.
  • Sweden also forges an alliance with the Frankreich and Portugal as a counterweight to the Orthodox League


Kongo is founded.


Egypt declares its independence.



Armenia Becomes independent.

The Tibetans take over Nepal.

Pagan Annexes Nao Chao.

Srivijaya attacks the Khmer Empire, making early gains.

China takes some Islands (Including OTL Taiwan) from Japan, which remains in the grips of civil war.

(Got a map of Africa!)

Africa- Blank



  • Byzantine Rome pushes the Egyptian rebels out of most of their held territory, but the remaining holdouts in Cairo treat to the Mamluks for aid. The Sultan of the Mamluks declares himself king of Egypt and brings the rebel held territory under his protection. Rome not wanting a full scale war while it focuses on the resettlement and fortification of Alexandria accepts the loss of Cairo.
  • The Arabian Caliphate begins pushing Portugal out of Arabia.
  • Byzantine Rome cedes some territory to Austria and Hungary in exchange for the respective Dukes pledge to accept the truth of Orthodoxy. Austria and Hungary join the Orthodox League.
  • The Turks make small gains against the Armenian rebels.
  • Spurred on by the relative success of the Armenians, a lesser lord declares himself King of Georgia.


Russian forces attack Georgia, Making small gains.

Armenian forces Counter attack the Turks, driving them way back.

The Arabian Caliphate takes advantage of Armenia's fight for independence and attacks the Turks, making large gains.

The Berbers attack Egypt, Advancing all the way to the coast in the south.

Malwa annexes Kerala.




  • The far more organised armies of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt retake their land from the Berber tribes.
  • Egypt retakes its northern provinces from Byzantium Rome.
  • Austria invades northern Italy.
  • Separated from Byzantium Rome the Republic of Venice, Kingdom of Florence and Republic of Nepal declare their independence.
  • The Dominion of the Alohmades retakes some lands from the Byzantines.
  • The Emirates of Beni Gahniya re-emerge.
  • The Swahili city states recapture the lands lost to the Kingdom of Punt.



  • With the aid of Austrian and Hungarian forces Byzantine forces crush the disorganized rebellions in mainland Italy. Byzantine forces also retake Carthage, and reinforce the besieged Alexandria, re-establishing Byzantine dominance of the coast.
  • Sicily remains an independent client state.


  • A huge revolution takes place in Britain, causing the British Isles to become Greater Britain, with England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland encompassed by the new republic.



New map.

Tsar Yemen the Great comes to power in Russia. The new Tsar attacks and annexes a portion of Sweden, after enacting a reform of his army first. The Tsar invades and annexes Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Poland after great effort, breaking off the alliance with Ukraine and Belarus to do so. The tsar wanted to expand his empire at all costs, even if he had to break up a treaty to do so. The tsar also forces the Kolyma Tribal Confederation to join Russia as a "protectorate". He fails to force Turkey to become a protectorate, but does secure a non-aggression pact with them. Yemen then settles down and consolidates his new gains, building his military up. He signs an alliance with China, granting them the right to annex Tibet, in exchange for gaining territory for Russia in northern China. Shortly after this agreement, China invades and annexes most of Tibet.


  • Kolyma Tribal Confederation becomes part of Russia.
  • Tsardom of Russia now faces a war all across Europe. As Sweden, Byzantine Rome ally, putting aside their differences to attack the traitorous Russia. This alliance attracts the minor powers in Europe as well because of the fact the many of them are now afraid of Russia and see it as a dis-honorable nation (breaking it alliance with friendly nations and then attacking them, and to top it off they ally with an age old enemy). #Georgia and Armenia join to secure their northern border and take some land.
  1. Prussia, Austria, and Hungary also fight to keep their countries independent.
  2. All powers make gains as the Russian army still hasn't received its reinforcements from the east.
  3. In the Ukraine and Belarus, guerrilla attacks become hampering to the Russian war effort.
  • Unfortunately, Byzantine Rome had to pull out of northern Africa, letting Egypt, the Emirates, and the Alohamades take it back. On there way back however they re-establish them self as rulers of Sicily by landing troops to garrison just in case Egypt, the Emirates, or the Alohamades decide to attack.
  • Arabian Caliphate has finally pushed the Portuguese back to their FINAL fortified position in the peninsula; they prepare to attack.
  • China takes the rest of Tibet.
  • Japan is now out of civil war and civil unrest in its colonies and takes back several islands that the Chinese took. The Japanese have built up a superior navy then that of China, and is able to destroy the invading force going for the main land.
  • Srivijaya and Khmer Empire end their war with a de-militarized zone on the land and sea, between the two nations.
  • Late in the Year, the Turks attack Armenia and are able to take back large swath of southern Armenia. Armenia and the Turks then sign a peace treaty in order to concentrate on other fronts.
  • the Turkish Empire attacks the Arabian Caliphate in the north, but does not make it far.



Yemen the Great begins Russifying Siberia, by introducing Russian culture and planting Russian colonists.

You can post after someone else post after this YEAR. One turn = a year, and you must wait one turn to post.



  • Byzantine reinforcements in Egypt relieve the siege of Alexandria. The final defeat of the Egyptian armies along with the improved fortifications and the increasingly Greek population ends Egyptian claims on the city once and for all. Due to the war in Russia, however, the Byzantines give up any efforts of regaining the rest of North Africa for now.
  • A unified invasion of Russia between the Byzantines, Hungarians, Austrians and Prussians results in nearly pushing the Russians from the occupied territory. Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Swedish forces in hiding in the occupied lands join up with the liberating armies.
  • Georgia becomes a full member of the Orthodox League.


  • The European allied nations make small advances into Russia, this is countered by a Russian surprised amphibious landing near the Swedish capital, and eventually the taking of it. The Swedish people demand the retaking of the capitol, thus leaving only enough troops on the border with Russia to defend and not attack.
  • Portuguese are finally knocked out of the middle east for good. The Arabian Caliphate turns it attention towards Ethiopia by amassing troops along their border with them. The Ethiopians respond in kind.
  • The Egyptians, feeling good after the small war that took them back into Mediterranean ports, wish to annihilate an old enemy while Byzantine Rome has their backs turned. Thus, with the help of the Sudan, launch a massive assault against Ethiopia. The Ethiopians think that they where cheated as no one comes on their behalf to fight along side them (they thought Romans, or maybe the Turks would); troops are withdrawn from the Peninsula and sent to protect Ethiopia major. (Arabian Caliphate and Egypt/Sudan forces are not allied right now)
  • Japan takes Taiwan (I believe) in the south China's sea. Konyo, which have favored China over Japan for almost 100 years, attacks Japanese homeland. These attacks are largely unsuccessful and only gain minor lands in Japan (Japanese navy is in the south). Mainly due to the fact that after all the civil unrest, the only people left in Japan are loyalist through-and-through.
  • Kongo integrates more tribes into its nation.
  • Sweden thinks of suing for peace towards the end of the year due to massive losses, so they can finally get back to their peoples holding in the America's, which are going through some hard times.
  • On December 12, the Turkish Empire sign a peace treaty with the Arabian Caliphate in order to move troops west to amass along the Byzantine border. This starts a stare-down between the two empires.


  • The Swedish colonies in South America are (at least inland) gone, with only coastal ones reaming. This is because of daises, starvation, and war with some of the native people.
  • Ethiopian colonies are nearly wiped out due to the lost communications with the colonies down in Australia (El Nino hit hard destroying large enough shipments). They survive off the land AND the natives help.
  • The Native-American Union, as it came to be known, unites more people in Central America and the south-central parts of North America. They also start to become further harassed by some of the Frankreich colonies in southern part of North America. To deal with they make alliance with the government of New Wales, which has also expanded faster due to their already close trade. (Unlike OTL America, New Wales actually sets up a trading post with native tribes and offers them help with anything medical or what not. This leads to a large reduction in Indian-New Wales attacks, thus allowing them to expand faster into the inland.)
  • The Frankreich expands its colonies slightly, but are blocked from uniting the two halves after New Wales sets up forts along with cities in order to protect not only the citizens of New Wales, but all so their close allies, the Indians.
  • {Light Blue nation in Greenland} expands more inland and along the coast. It has close trade relations with Byzantine Rome and good relations with the Frankreich kingdom.
  • Byzantine Alaska is given a puppet government so with a small contingent of soldiers, with the troops leaving in order to support the war on Russia. This new puppet government is somewhat successful in integrating small tribes into itself (not growing much at all, but increasing trade significantly)


  • The Jewish-Ethiopian colony down in Australia is left with a small contingent of soldiers while Ethiopia has to deal with more problems at home. They decide to let the colony become self-governed, so they have a puppet regime installed.The colony renames itself the Republic of Jewdian People (unable to type name one the blueish-gray area). This nation grows inland, as do the Japanese colony, Portuguese colonies (which is having trouble with the natives, but a lot more then the Republic of Jewdian People), and Byzantine Roman colony.
  • The Republic of Jewdian People is still loyal to Ethiopia and sends troops to help, albeit militia.
  • The Byzantine Roman colony expands to encompass Tasmania, all of New Zealand, and some territory in Australia; this is because they are able to make profitable trade with the natives and although some are hate Byzantine Roman people, more then enough like these newcomers. The Australian front becomes known for its lawlessness, thus falls quickly into an old west styled area.
  • New Japan, as it was not seen needed to rename, comes to have close trade and diplomatic relations with the Republic of Jewdian People. The Yapa tribes becomes more of an ally then enemy against other eastern powers trying to colonies Australia.
  • The Portuguese think of either sending more troops to the colony or abandoning it.



New Wales is annexed by Greater Britain.

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