Rare colored photograph of a member of the Japanese New Legion in full Samurai armor.

The New Legions are any one of a number of both mercenary and national organizations dedicated to the study, extermination, and recovery from, the Canton Madness.

Society of the Dead

  • Nationality: Originally a group of American volunteers; has grown over the years and now accepts all applicants, regardless of race, creed, religion, or nationality
  • Area of Operation: North America, Australia
  • Modus Operandi: One of the first groups to recognize the merits of the sharpshooter, the Society of the Dead is a strictly military organization. While noted for their efficiency in dispatching the Infected, they devote little time to ensuring that the infection is truly exterminated. Areas cleared by the Society are often reinfected in a matter of years or even months; unlike other Legions, this Mercenary group does not invest in rebuilding or recovering from an outbreak.

De Zwarte Zwaarden (The Black Swords)

  • Nationality: Officially a Dutch Military Branch; however, it accepts applicants from all nationalities.
  • Area of Operation: The Spice Islands, the Dutch East Indies, the Dutch West Indies, parts of Africa
  • Modus Operandi: De Zwarte Zwaarden function not only as a force of extermination, but also as
    Large flag of netherlands

    The Flag of the DZZ

    scholars, humanitarians, merchants, and a number of other roles. The DZZ actively study the disease and its effects on both humans and animals; this study led to many dozens of discoveries about CVPE, which in turn led to now universally practiced techniques in dealing with the infected, such as burning infected corpses. In addition, DZZ have a policy of staying in an area once it has been cleared out, directing reconstruction and other recovery projects so that the next outbreak will be less damaging. Because of the work of the DZZ, Dutch colonies have become some of the safest places on earth.

The Mexican Mounted Patrol Regiment, "The Jaguars"

  • Nationality: Mexican, Texan. Accepts American and Central American volunteers for local units near the borders.
  • Area of Operation: Mexico, Texas, parts of the Western United States
  • Modus Operandi: Originally a branch of the Mexican Army devoted to destroying the infected, the [Jaguars] officially separated with the Mexican Army in 1855 to better focus on their duty to destroy the plague; with growing political unrest in Mexico, the MMPR could not afford to be tied to any political party. After their separation from the Mexican Government, they became suddenly allowed into the Republic of Texas, and were readily accepted to the Texan traditions of hunting the infected; the resulting culture that grew around the hunting parties and walled in towns of Texas became known as Caballero (cah-buh-LEHR-o, a pidgin pronunciation of the Spanish Caballero) culture. A unique blend of English and Spanish grew around the border regions as the MMPR acted as intermediates between the Mexican and Texan governments and trade opened up.

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