New Labour is a socioeconomic and political ideology espoused by the Labour Party of England, most notably by former Prime Minister John Lennon and current Prime Minister Jack Davenport. Viewed as a left-of-center to centrist repackaging of traditional Labour ideas, the slogan New Labour, New England was began following the disastrous 1993 general election by moderate Labour MPs to attract new voters to their policies, and the partial realignment following the similarly disappointing 1996 elections convinced many Labour leaders than an endorsement of market economics and the triangulation of the center away from the increasingly unpopular Conservative Party would be required to regain control of Parliament.

Prime Minister Lennon, while opposed to the British Isles Free Trade Zone, was a proponent of centrist New Labour and campaigned under the slogan during the 1999 and 2002 campaigns, giving Labour back-to-back general election wins for the first time since 1966/69. His defeat in 2005 was blamed on the poor economy rather than New Labour, and after the left-wing Roman Dansley and Nick McDonald leadership periods ended in electoral and popular embarrassment, New Labour acolyte Jack Davenport was elevated to the leadership, giving England its youngest Prime Minister since the 1810s.

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