New Japanese Empire
Timeline: One Battle

OTL equivalent: Japan, North-East and East of China, Philippines, Korea
New Japanese Empire Flag Imperial Seal of Japan
Flag Coat of Arms
New Japanese Flag Map
Location of Japan
(and largest city)
Language Japanese
The New Japanese Empire is a democratic Empire that occupies parts of East Asia.


After Great Nuclear War, occupied Japan was left in a bad situation. The country had no resources getting imported and no government. In 1968, a army marched throughout Tokyo. They claimed to be a underground movement of Japanese soldiers who were waiting to seize control and bring back the days of old. In a matter of months, the Japanese soldiers gained control over the entire nation of Japan, creating the New Japanese Empire who ruled with an iron fist. In 1975, the people of Japan marched to the Imperial Palace and overthrew the emperor and the leader of the revolution became the new Emperor of Japan. In 1979, there was civil unrest in the Philippines which was occupied by the Union of Indonesia. The New Japanese Empire offered to end the unrest by annexing the Philippines. Indonesia excepted and the Philippines became a part of the New Japanese Empire. In 1997, People's Republic of China went into a depression. China asked Japan for help. The New Japanese Empire offered to look after parts of China's territory. China agreed. In 1998, the People's Republic of China became the Democratic Republic of China. In 2002, China wanted the land back from Japan. Japan was going to give the land back however the inhabitants of the territory wanted to stay under Japanese control. China and Japan agreed that the territory could still be part of the New Japanese Empire. In 12th March 2006, a Japanese plane was shot down by an American submarine. Later that week, a naval attack occurred on the Holy Russian Empire by American Warships. New Japanese Empire, Democratic Republic of China, Union of Indonesia and the Holy Russian Empire formed the 'Pacific Union' to fight United America, starting the Pacific War.

Life in Japan

Life in Japan is pretty civilised. The only main problems are the war against United America and the cultural and racial divide of the Empire-owned Philippines and the rest of the Empire.



Democratic Republic of China

Union of Indonesia

Holy Russian Empire

People's Republic of Thailand


United America

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