New Iraq was a nation in the western part of Iraq that existed from May 4, 2005, to July 19, 2006. It was formed during the Israeli War when some US forces left to fight in Israel. With less US soldiers to deal with, insurgents had declared a new nation, New Iraq. Since most people there were insurgents supporting Hussein, the capital was named Camp Saddam. After an occupation by the US, NATO, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, they once again engaged in an insurgency campaign. New Iraq however surrendered on July 19, 2006. It was merged with other Arabian Coalition forces to form the Middle East Republic.

Timeline: Invasion Iran

OTL equivalent: Iraq
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

God is Great (Arabian)

Anthem "Ardulfurataini Watan"
Capital Camp Saddam
Largest city Camp Saddam
Language Arabian
Demonym Iraqi
Established May 4, 2005
Independence from Iraq
  declared May 4, 2005
  recognized May 10, 2005


When Iraq was invaded in 2003 by the US and European countries Saddam Hussein was captured. A new government was placed. Insurgencies against the US and other European countries happened. When the Israel War began US forces had to leave Iraq to help Israel. Less troops in occupied Iraq meant that insurgents had more breathing room. They declared a new nation, named New Iraq. It was in the western part of Iraq. It soon became headquarters for the Iraq Insurgency. They decided that the capital would be a camp named Camp Saddam, in honor of Saddam Hussein. New Iraq joined the Arabian Coalition on May 10. Coalition forces were moved there to protect it from the US. However, they were pushed back to the capital because of US assaults. On July 3 Camp Saddam was besieged by US Marines. The defenders there held the city. On July 10 Arabian Coalition helped the defenders by sending reinforcements. The Siege of Camp Saddam ended because the Marines retreated. Much of New Iraq was retaken by the Arabian Coalition. However, on August 1 US forces attacked again and the defenders retreated. Guerrilla warfare happened between the US and New Iraq. Later Arab Coalition forces came back and liberated New Iraq during the New Battle of the Bulge. They could not go past its orders due to heavy US and NATO resistance. The US counter attacked and overtook New Iraq. Camp Saddam fell on July 10. The insurgents were about to begin another insurgency campaign when US forces ambushed there meeting place. The insurgents defeated, New Iraq surrendered on July 19. It was occupied until the end of the war when the Middle East Republic was formed. The Middle East Republic is said to keep peace and democracy in the Middle East.

Other Things

Foreign Relationships

New Iraq had a good relationship with the Arabian Coalition. It became a member of the Arabian Coalition. The US, NATO, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait did not recognize it as a country. Russia and China did, however. The Arabian Coalition also recognized it as a country.


The military of New Iraq is not very large. It is made up of Iraqi insurgents. During the war, it was protected by the Arabian Coalition, and the New Iraq military joined their military.

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