It's set in 1641 when few French human thinkers that believe that their nation's people need to mentally, physically and intelligently advance from any other nation in that time. So they formed what will be the first transhumanistic movement in the world and that only focused on Biotechnological/Genetic engineering for their nation: the Kingdom of France.


It started at 729 AD that from Francia when Theuderic IV unintentionally or unaware converted to Cryptic-Hellenic Pagan Sect that only worshiped twenty-five Hellenic deities and he nearly converted the Merovingian family members to his religion for several years (736 AD) and few French mayors as well. Until he discovered and nearly reconverted since the mayors nearly publicly forced converted some citizens to the Kings religion intended. Some Catholic citizens demanded to restated Christianity of Nation true religion of first Holy civil war of Francia; Which first civil war tragically lost majority as Enforced the (majority) citizens to "New Hellenism" and Target mostly on Latin and less on other than former Language of Franconian as target future language for eras to come.

Then in several more years 742 AD, The Germanic nations are warned the Francia to not convert their politicians or their citizens of the nations religious differences, Franciscans diplomats announced they just decided to embargo the Germanic nations and possibly other Christian nations are sooner possible for fifty years just get restarted their relations later.


Main Article: Languages (New Human Age)

They are thousands of languages of earth, but several retain the languages even to this today.

The most common main languages used in the outside world is Modern Mandarin Chinese, French, Latin, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Tagalog, Russian, Irish and Italian.


North American Nations


  • Canada (1875-)
  • New France (North-East Canada) (1638-)
  • Quebec (1967-)
  • United States of America (1774-)
  • Mexico (Second Mexican Republic) (1821-)
  • New Louisiana/Nouveau Louisine (1821-)


  • English Colonies on North America (1650-1774)
  • City State of Boston (1795-1844)
  • New France (Southeast North America) (1639-1814)
  • Cherokee (Circa 15 century-1856)
  • North Mexico / Nord Mexique (Hellenic Nation of Mexique) (1817-1821 from French Government) (Second Division of French Conversion of Mexico from 1842-1901, Only one nation unrecognized by South Mexico)
  • South Mexico (First Independent Republic of Mexico from Spanish Government)

South American Nations


  • Brazil (1802-)
  • West Guinea (1967-)
  • East Guinea (2004-)

European Nations 


  • United Kingdom (1750-)
  • Scotland (1100's-)
  • Ireland (1171-)
  • Spain (1467-)
  • Biotechnocratic France Republic (1735-)


Main Article: Religion (New Human Age)

There are hundreds of religions in the world regarded: the old ones abandoned by society. They still may appear attempting keep it alive if they could.

Mainstream Religions

  • Christianity (Twenty-Two Nations)
  • Atheism (Seventeen Nations)
  • Islam (Eleven Nations)
  • Hellenism (Seven Nations, Two de facto Nations)


Some nations were stuck ether Between of Late Clockpunk-style South European Tech with Early Automobile Tech in 1724 invention until 1899 they Finally advance into more mixed of Steam from America and some New France territory and most of Biotechnology are majority came from France and America since 1900 until 1931 went gas to become mostly popular in East Europe, Britain, Scotland, Ireland some Japan used to keep society function and making metal as keep society function is now mostly outdated and outsource for while, Until Atom come able in 1963 with WW1 by French Transhuman victory by Paris Project with Elbert E. technological access.


Since 1641 Most of French Nation is now mostly Genetic and Intelligence Advance Humans to make neighboring nations to be angered for Against their faith of original human species and their technology is been repeatedly calling it "Outdated" for until this day by from Main Government and now only appears is some Far-Right political parties in America, Britain, Scotland and Some Anti-French Secessionists groups except Breton Nationalists as some Breton are mostly Accepted on Transhumanism.

Biotechnology in United States of America (1786 to Present)

America is eventually most used more Biotechnology to protect the free ex British colony and need few States for "Subjects" of Native Americans though making super soldiers and testing on their US Army Soldiers in fifty years later.

Between 1848 to 1856 is now test on Proto-Neurogenetic Engineering from mildly updated Biotechnology 1.5 (until 1952 it's prefer as Biotechnology 1.2) on Black Slaves at South Carolina to originally make them more Mind Control by their Slave owners from Some used from Neurogenetic Engineered Vigors, Put only least several Slave escape to Northern States from Being literally slaves in biology.

Biotechnology in North Carolina

North Carolina is one of Successfully imports and almost creations of Biotechnology until 1996 when that North Carolian population become more Biologically Modified Transhumans around 14.6 to 35.8 with some Parahumans in 2.1 to 2.6 as 2008, Because of Most Transhuman population it better retired some Biotech Companies for next 40 years by State's Act on slow down on Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering 5.0 so they need more War Technology and Upgraded on Few Military Bases in the State.

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