नई हिन्दुस्तान
New Hindustan
New Hindustan (Vegetarian World)
Official language (New) Hindustani
Capital Cayenne
Largest Cities Cayenne
Population 202,000
HDI 0.847 (High)
Nation Formed
Currency New Hindustani Rupee (NHR)
Our Timeline Equivalent French Guiana

New Hindustan is located in northeastern Pacha. Originally inhabited by various Pachan Aboriginal groups, it came under French colonialism. French colonists and many African indentured servants eventually displaced many of the Aboriginals, at least near the coast. At that time, it was named "French Guiana". However, the colony didn't do well, as diseases and other problems were rife. So in the early 1870s, India offered to purchase the colony. India was intrigued, particularly because of the country's insatiable appetite for cayenne chilli capsicums, or "Cayenne peppers", which came from the French colony. The colony switched hands in 1875 and became "New Hindustan", India's first and only colony in the New World. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, immigration was chiefly from India, and now ethnic Indians make up the bulk of the population. After 100 years, in 1975, New Hindustan was given its independence.



95% Vegetarian
05% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

74% Indian (mostly originating from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar)
10% European (almost all French)
07% Pachan Aboriginals
05% Orientals (from Lan Xang, Hong Kong, Yue, etc)
04% multiple race
03% Africans
02% others


80% (New) Hindustani
08% French
04% various Pachan Aboriginal languages
08% others (African languages and creoles, Hmong, Chinese languages, etc)


70% Hindu
10% nonreligious
06% atheist
04% agnostic
05% Jain
04% Buddhist
04% Christian
03% Cathar
01% traditional Aboriginal religions
01% traditional African religions
02% others (Rastafarianism, etc)

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