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Republic of New Haven
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: New Haven County, Connecticut
Flag of Connecticut Seal of Connecticut
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of New Haven

Qui transtulit sustinet (Latin: He who transplanted sustains) (English)

Capital New Haven
Largest city New Haven
Other cities West Haven, Milford, Guilford
Language English
Government Republic
Lt. Governor
Area 2,233 km²
Population approx 330,000 
Currency U.S. Dollar, Barter

The Republic of New Haven is a survivor state based in the south central region of the former state of Connecticut.



New Haven County was constituted by an act of the Connecticut General Court on May 10, 1666, along with Hartford County, Fairfield County, and New London County. The act establishing the county states:

This Court orders that from the east bounds of Guilford vnto ye west bounds of Milford shalbe for future one County wch shalbe called the County of N: Hauen. And it is ordered that the County Court shalbe held at N: Hauen on the second Wednesday in March and on the second Wednesday in Nouember yearely.

As established in 1666, New Haven County consisted of the towns of Milford, New Haven, and Guilford. The town of Wallingford was established in 1670 in unincorporated area north of New Haven and formally added to New Haven County in 1671. In 1675, the town of Derby was established in the area north of Milford. In 1686, the town of Waterbury was established, but was assigned as part of Hartford County. Waterbury was later transferred to New Haven County in 1728. In 1722, most of northwestern Connecticut (except for the town of Litchfield) was placed under the jurisdiction of New Haven County. Eight years later, in 1730, the eastern half of northwestern Connecticut was transferred to the jurisdiction of Hartford County. By mid-1738, with the exception of the towns of New Milford, Sharon, and Salisbury, the entire territory of northwestern Connecticut was under Hartford County. In 1751, Litchfield County was constituted consisting of all the towns in northwestern Connecticut. Between 1780 and 1807, several more towns were established along the northern boundary of New Haven County, resulting in the alteration of the limits of the county. The final boundary alteration leading to the modern boundary resulted from the establishment of the town of Middlebury on October 8, 1807.

Before Doomsday, New Haven County was a center of higher education. The most well-known of the schools in the region was Yale University, one of the original Ivy League schools.


Several Connecticut cities were destroyed on Doomsday.

  • Hartford (state capital)
  • New London (U.S. Navy submarine base)
  • Stamford
  • Norwalk

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The First Years

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Establishment of the Republic

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Expansion & Consolidation

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Contact with Vermont

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Current Events

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International Relations

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