Governorate of New Havana
Новогаванская губерния
Gobernación de la Nueva Habana

— Governorate of New Kamchatka
Timeline: Venusian Haven
Flag of New Havana (Venusian Haven)
Flag of New Havana
Capital New Havana
Other cities Castro, Tamayo
  others English, Russian
  others Eastern Orthodoxy, Scientology
Demonym New Havanese
Population 72,262 
Established 1997
Admission 2001
Abbreviations NK-NH

The Governorate of New Havana (Russian: Новогаванская губерния, Novogavanskaya gubyerniya; Spanish: Gobernación de la Nueva Habana), colloquially known as New Havana (Новая Гавана, Novaya Gavana; La Nueva Habana), is a governorate of the Socialist Confederation of New Kamchatka. The region became settled in 1997 in co-operation between Cuba and the Soviet Union. The predominantly Cuban population supported a confederation with the nearby Russian settlements to establish New Kamchatka in 2001. New Havana is currently the largest governorate in area and has a population of 72,262 settlers.

New Havana is currently the only governorate of New Kamchatka to have a non-Slavic majority, with over 90% having immigrated from Cuba since the 1990s. The region has also seen immigration from Spain and other Latin American nations, as well as some Cuban exiles from the United States. Spanish is the most-spoken language within the region (though Russian retains federal protection). Catholics make up the majority of New Havana, making the governorate one of the most religious area within the predominantly Atheist nation. Since the late 2000s, the New Havanese has overwhelmingly voted in support of Partido Cubano (lit. "Cuban Party") — a centrist political party which opposes the Russification of the region and supports the expansion of Cuban culture.

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