New Hampshire
Capital Penacook
Largest Cities Manchester
Population 379,000
Our Timeline Equivalent New Hampshire (U.S state)

New Hampshire is a province of northern New England. It borders the other New England provinces of Vermont to the west, Maine to the east, and Massachussetts to the south. To the north, it borders the nation of Quebec. To the southeast is a sliver of land abutting the Atlantic Ocean. New Hampshire has a more Anglo-inspired culture than Vermont, thus more resembling Massachusetts. While the southern lowlands have a relatively high population density, the more mountainous north has a much lower population density. It has some of the best ski runs in New England.

About New Hampshire

New Hampshire's terrain is one of mountain ranges of medium-height, intermixed with valleys and plains. Around 90% of the total land area is forested. The majority of the forests are unmanaged, but sustainable forestry does make up a large percentage of the economy. The provinces two largest ethnic groups, like in most New England provinces, are Europeans (mostly French, Irish, and English) and Aboriginals (mostly Pennacook, after which the capital was named).


New Hampshire has numerous divisions, including counties, Semi-Autonomous Regions/Areas (SARs/SAAs), and Nature Preservation Areas (NPAs).



62% Vegetarian
38% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

72% Europeans
19% Pemhakamik Aboriginal
13% Pennacook
03% Abenaki
05% mixed race
04% others


60% English
11% French
04% German languages
03% Italian languages
02% Irish Gaelic
15% Algonquian languages (Pennacook, Abenaki)
05% others


41% Nonreligious
28% atheist
13% agnostic
31% Christian
16% Catholic
04% Quaker
11% other Christian
21% Cathar
05% various Aboriginal beliefs
02% other

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