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The history of what happened to Maine after the bombing of Augusta. Part of "No United States."




24, 2:00 PM: Terrorists bomb Concord a thankfully bit early on schedule. Because of this most people in the state know what has happened, and the county senate arranges a meeting.

26: County senators appoint John Haywire as the provisional governor until an official election can be held scheduled for February 5. They also appoint a provisional senator to go to DC, hearing that the current senator is sick.

30: First riots break out. The provisional senator arrives to mysteriously dissipate.

31: John Haywire and the senate vote to send a police investigation, along with Vermont.



10: The investigation is met by force, and John Haywire calls another meeting.

11: Senators agree to secede. Haywire approves not only the secession but the "Pity Act," which many fail to like.

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