Federation of New Guinea (English)

פדרציה של ניו גיניאה (Israeli Hebrew)
Pedretseyh shel Neyv Geyneyah (Romanized Yiddish)
新几内亚联邦 (Chinese)
xin ji nei ya lian bang (pinyin)
Niugini (Tok Pisin)

Timeline – Tiger Unleashed
Jewish New Guinea (Drive of History)
Emblem of Papua New Guinea
"Forward New Guinea"
"Forward New Guinea"
Papua New Guinea (orthographic projection)

(Location of New Guinea)
Capital Port Moresby
Largest city Port Moresby
Official language English (adminstration usage), Romanized Yiddish, Chinese, Tok Pisin
State ideology Federated Republic
Government Federal parliamentary democracy
Head of State and Government
- 2012–
Peter O'Neill
Area 462,840 km2
Population 12,119,653 (2011)
Currency New Guinean Sheqel (NGS)

The Jewish/Chinese federation of New Guinea is one of the most developed countries in the world. Since the foundation in 1948 (the same time as Israel), it has been sometimes called "the Asian Jerusalem" due to the Jewish population as majority in the country. The Chinese has made their own position in that country since the late 1960s.

English, Romanized Yiddish (writing form based on Latin alphabet), Chinese and Tok Pisin are four official languages in the country. English is most widely used of the four, followed by Romanized Yiddish that was made from Jewish emigrates around the world many years ago.

New Guinea is a founding member of ASEAN, and a great contributor to that community.

List of Presidents of New Guinea

  • 1. Chaim Weizmann (1948 - 1952): Founder, died in office
  • 2. Leo Hanin (1952 - 1954 as acting president, 1955 - 1961 assuming official term)
  • 3. Israel Epstein (1962 - 1969): Known for his relation with German Jew refugee Anne Frank.
  • 4. Ruth Weiss (1970 - 1983): First female New Guinean president, who helped reconcliding the Chinese/Jewish relationship and strenghthen the New Guinean economy (somewhat a Jewish counterpart of Malaysian statesman Lee Kuan Yew).
  • 5. Julius Chan (1984 - 1997)
  • 6. Ilan Ramon (1998 - 2002): The second President who died in office, in this case after an aviation accident.
  • 7. Julius Chan (2003 - 2011)
  • 8. Peter O'Neill (2011 - ): First native New Guinean to assume office.

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