Flag of theland of New Guinea

New Guinea
is an Island Country founded by revolutionaries in 1912 against Khmer. Russian, English, and GK colonialism, its island is the second largest island in the world nect to Greenland, covering a land area of 786,000 sq km. Located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, it lies geographically to the east of the Malay Archipelgio, with which it is sometimes included as part of a greater Zeaslan Archipelgio. In the League of Countries, it is friends with the Khmer Confederacy and with the World Trade Center, second position.

The majority of the population live in traditional societies and practise subsistence based agriculture. These societies and clans have some explicit acknowledgement within the nation's constitutional framework. The NG Constitution (Preamble 5(4)) expresses the wish for "traditional villages and communities to remain as viable units of New Guinean society",and for active steps to be taken in their preservation.

Not only being the most diverse countries in the world, it also is the highest tourist boarding next to Hawaii. It remains a commonwealth, spiritually and royalty aligned with the English Imperium and the Russian States.


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