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New Greece (or νέα Ελλάδα as the Greeks called it) was an independent republic which was established in 490 BC. It used to be a colony of Ancient Greece until 490 BC when Persia took over Greece. To prevent Greek culture dying some Greeks sailed over the Mediterranean Sea and declared independent 'New Greece'. The new Republic suffered a hectic first few years with invasions from Gaul barbarians. However, by 480 BC the new Republic stabilised by trading with the Gaul Barbarians.

The city of Massalia was a vital trade point in New Greece, the city grew in the 5th Century BC. Today, the city is called Marseilles and has got a lot of Greek culture left from this time period.


Map of New Greece 490 BC

Map of New Greece when founded.

When Athens lost the Battle of Marathon to Persia a messenger from the battle rushed to Athens to tell the news that the Athenian army lost and the Persian army was marching towards Athens. Due to this messenger some leaders managed to leave Athens and travel to the French-Greek colony until Athens got back on their feet. Obviously they wouldn't because Athens was destroyed in the Siege of Athens. There was no news of Greece and the Greek leaders presumed that Athens was dead and on the 22nd December 490 BC the Greek politicians announced that the French colony was New Greece.

Early Years/stabilisation

Marcus Aurelius (a person that didn't exist in the OTL), was elected the new leader of New Greece. He thought that if New Greece traded with the French natives and welcomed them into New Greece a new multicultural French-Greek nation would be able to develop and thrive.

This theory was put to the test and it somehow proved to be successful and the French barbarians began to trade and share ideas between them. This made the city of Massalia thrive and expand to become one of the biggest cities in Western Europe. Rome also decided to begin trading with New Greece and made an Anti Persian Coalition to drive Persia out of Europe.

War against Persia and expansion

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