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Kingdom of Granada
Reino de Granada
Timeline: Washington Shot at Murdering Town!
Grenada (WSMT) No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Santa Fe de Bogotá
  others other languages
Monarch Charles VII
Governor-General name of auxiliary head of state
President-General name of chief of government
Area area km²
Population population 
Established 18 October, 1821 (Treaty of Quito)
Currency Peso


Government and Politics

Major Subdivisions

Province Capital
Granada Santa Fe de Bogotá
Quito Quito
Venezuela Caracas

Subdivisions of Grenada

Province Capital
Antioquia Medellín
Cartagena Montería
Casanare Yopal
Chocó Quibdó
Mariquita Mariquita
Neiva Neiva
Pamplona Pamplona
Panamá Panamá City
Popayan Popayan
Riohacha Riohacha
Santa Fe Santa Fe de Bogotá
Santa Marta Santa Marta
Socorro Socorro
Tunja Tunja
Veragua Veragua

Subdivisions of Venezuela

Province Capital
Barinas Barinas
Caracas Caracas
Cumaná Cumaná
Guayana Angostura
Maracaibo Maracaibo

Subdivisions of Quito

Province Capital
Canelos Canelos
Cuenca Cuenca
Maynas Maynas
Quijos Quijos
Quito Quito

Flag of Spain   Members of the Spanish Colonial Empire   Flag of Spain
Nations and Dominions

Argentina | New Granada | Louisiana | Mexico | Peru | Philippines | Spain


Chile | Cuba | Guatemala | Puerto Rico | Santo Domingo




Caroline Islands | Marianas Islands | Spanish Antarctic Territory | Rio del Oro | Rio Muni

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