New German Empire, also known as Third Reich (Neue Deutsches Reich or Dritte Reich)- empire state in Central Europe, which replaced the Old German Empire (Second Reich), emerged in 1918, disappeared in 1930. Located on the territory, which in our reality are Germany, Austria, Sudetenland, Pomerania, Silesia, North Schleswig and East Prussia. Later was joined West Prussia and Posen. The ruling dynasty is Hanover dynasty


At the end of World War I Entente met to weaken German Empire, to disarm her, put her on the repair and separated from Germany a number of areas (German Poland, Alsace-Lorraine, Schleswig). But at the last moment the Entente decided differently. Britain needed a counterweight to France in Europe and wanted to make Germany her junior parnter. In addition, some experts convinced the Entente that humiliated Germany will inevitably begin a new world war. Therefore, the command of the Entente proposed to Germany to compromise

Germany ceded Alsace-Lorraine (to France), the German colonies and Poland (to future Polish state). Also, Wilhelm 2nd was deposed from the throne, and all Hohenzollerns expelled from Germany to Netherland. Ascended to the throne Ernst-August 2nd (Hannover dynasy). Also, Germany undertakes to demobilize the army (as well as the country Entente) to 1920th and creates a demilitarized zone in the Franco-German border (Rhineland). De facto ruler of the state was Erich Ludendorff, Chief of the Army, prime minister was Max von Baden

In exchange, Germany could maintain of armed forces and part of the fleet. Also, Germany was allowed to join the territory inhabited by Germans in Austro-Hungary, itself Austria and the Sudetenland. The size of the German reparations was very limited and Germany was admitted to the League of Nations

As a result of the Polish War (1920-1921), the German Empire annexed Posen and West Prussia, modernized their military strategy, creating the concept of "blitzkrieg", and formed a military and economic alliance with Russia and Ukraine

Anti-government movements

Already during WW-I, having far-left groups who opposed the war and wants proclam of the Socialist Republic in Germany, formed the "Spartacus League" (led by Karl Liebknecht) and the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (led by Theodore Liebknecht). In 1919 in Berlin, Munich and Vienna have been labor unrest, by government suppressed. After that, all left the group together in the Independent Social-Democratic Party of Germany (USDPD). The victory of Germany in the Polish war only reinforced the extreme left, as the union of Germany, Russia and Ukraine is perceived as a socialist state

At the same time, in Germany (also after Polish War) intensified left nationalists, who organized the German Workers' Party (DAP), led by Anton Drexler and Otto Strasser. They demanded an alliance with the peoples and nations of the East against Britain, colonial sistem and the "order of Versal", a state-regulated economy, increasing the autonomy of the regions of Germany and the displacement of Hanover dynasty

Coup d'etat of Ludendorf

USDPD and DAP not only held more seats in the Reichstag and formes government of some German region (Thuringia, Saxony- USDPD, Bavaria- DAP). Moreover, they began to form its own militia, "RotFront" (USDPD) and SA (DAP). In this situation, many felt that there should be a military coup and establish anticommunist dictatorship. Using the death of Ernst-August 2nd, General Ludendorff, the real ruler of Germany, broke up the Reichstag, banned USDPD and the DAP, dismantled their government in Saxony, Thuringia and Bavaria, and also suppressed the Socialist uprising in Hamburg and DAP uprising in Munich. Ludendorff declared himself Führer, combining the post of President and Chancellor, canceled elections and banned political parties. In country began an ultranationalist company, there was a call to "subdue Europe for, Germany". New emperor of Germany becomes Adalbert I Hohenzollern

Intervention in Italy and overthrow of Ludendorf

In 1924 started a people uprising against the fascist regime of Mussolini in Italy. Ludendorff sent German troops to the rescue of Mussolini, but they occupied only north-eastern Italy. At the same time, France sent troops to the Rhineland, and demanded that Germany stop the invasion of Italy. Suddenly, Ludendorff was killed by an unknown terrorist. The mass people uprising, headed by left parties (Social Democrats, the DAP and USDPD). Christian 1 abdicated in favor of Ernst-August 3rd, son of Ernst-August 2nd

New regime

The new emperor, Ernst-August 3rd, lost all real power. Became Chancellor Philipp Scheidemann, a Social Democrat. In the majority of parliament seats were the party, who made the coup. The army was reformed in order to deprive its impact on policy. In the course of this reform over command of the troops have received many functionaries "RotFront", Reichsbanner (militia of the Social-Democrats) and SA

But among the winners was no consent. The Social Democrats wanted to preserve constitutional monarchy and the capitalist system, but USDPD and DAP tried to proclaim a socialist republic. There were armed clashes "RotFront" and the SA with Reichsbanner. At the same time, with the approach of the global economic crisis, which began in 1928, there were economic problems, unemployment intensified

Fall of Third Reich

In 1930 the German economy, exhausted by the crisis, was on the verge of collapse. 1 May for the whole of Germany began the organized USDPD and DAP rebellion. Ernst-August 3rd fled from country, as Chancellor Scheidemann. Power passed to the Popular Front. In place of the New German Empire arose the German People's Union

Emperor's of Third Reich

Ernst-August II Hanover- 1918-1923

Adalbert I Hohenzollern- 1923-1924

Ernst-August III Hanover- 1924-1930

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