New Frankia (French: Novelle Francia) is a major Atlantean nation located on the east coast of North Atlantis. With a population of nearly 120,000,000 as of 2014 AD, it is regarded as the preeminent Catholic Christian nation in the New World and has served as the economic and cultural center of North Atlantis since the end of the Second World War.

New Frankia stretches from Saint-Christine in the north to Saint-Augustine in the south, taking up much of the eastern seaboard of North Atlantis, and stretches from the coast deep along the Cavalier and Tánasé River Valleys into the interior. The Misisippe forms the eastern border of New Frankia, and the Cavalier west of its confluence with the Cantuque forms the border with Sjöland. Its capital is located at Clovisbourg where the James River runs into the Chiesepoc Bay, and its largest city is Chiesepoc City (French: Ville de Chiesepoc), at the north end of the bay. Its Piedmont Region, lying in the lush wetlands between the Appalachie Mountains and the ocean, is some of the best farmland in the world.

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