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Federal Republic of New Florida
Timeline: Venusian Haven

OTL equivalent: Eistla Regio (Venus).
Flag of New Florida (Venusian Haven)
Flag of New Florida
Location of New Florida (Venusian Haven)
Location of New Florida
Capital Von Braun
Largest city New Canaveral
Other cities Aldrin, Meridian, Port Johnson
  others French, Russian, Spanish
  others Catholicism, Scientology
Demonym New Floridian
Government Federal presidential republic
  legislature Congress
President Harrison Schmitt (R)
Area 3,600,000 km²
Independence from the United States
  declared 2003
  recognized 2003
Currency Credit (CRD)
Internet TLD .nf
Organizations UN, UNVC, VF

New Florida, officially known as the Federal Republic of New Florida, is a sovereign state located in western Aphrodite Terra on planet Venus. An insular nation, New Florida is comprised of several islands located within Eistla Regio. The islands came under American colonization during the 1990s and was selected to host a spaceport located close to the equator. Both the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in a Rocket Race to become the first to launch a rocket from Venus (thereby beginning interplanetary travel between Earth and Venus). The United States would win this race in late 1998 with the launch of rocket from the newly constructed New Canaveral Spaceport. The region would be expanded over the next few years, with New Florida declaring their independence in 2003.


The name New Florida was coined in the mid 1990s as an homage to the settlement's primary goal of establishing a workable space center on Venus (in honor of Cape Canaveral in the State of Florida). Many credit Buzz Aldrin for spreading the name into the mainstream.


Following the successful landing in Ishtar by the United States in 1990, there grew minor concerns over the location of what would become Kennedy. Unlike the Soviet settlements, Kennedy was located well north of the equator (making a potential spaceport less efficient than one closer to the equator). With a "Venusian Spaceport Race" soon to take place between the United States and the Soviet Union, it was desired to choose a new location for an American spaceport.

The Eistla Archipelago was selected in 1995, with Dzalarhons Island being selected for the future spaceport. The name "New Canaveral" became widely used, followed soon by the broader name "New Florida" (which stuck as the name for the future nation). To further secure their claims, the US constructed other settlements on the archipelago, including the modern capital Von Braun. The first rocket launch at New Canaveral took place in late 1998 (becoming the first launch from another planet).

The boom of two-way transportation between the planets helped in New Florida's population boom throughout the 2000s. Following the successful independence of New Kamchatka and Kennedy, New Florida followed suit in 2003 (becoming the third nation on Venus).


New Florida is made up of five major islands within the Eistla Archipelago, which is just off the coast of Aphrodite). The archipelago is believed to have formed from volcanic activity (similar to the Hawaiian Islands), and contains several dormant volcanoes. Much of the land territory s covered in tropical rainforests, with the population being centered around the major coastal cities.

The average temperature of New Florida is generally around 40 degrees Celsius (almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit).



Map of New Florida (Venusian Haven)

States of New Florida.

The Federation of New Florida is made up of three states.

  • Flag Buzz
  • Flag New Canaveral
  • Flag Von Braun


Those who were born in the United States make up the majority of New Florida's population (with the majority of them being from the Southern United States).

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