The New England Whig Party is a party in the Kingdom of New England. Ever since its formation in 1953, it has never held less than 70% of seats in the New England Parliament. Every Chancellor of New England has been a member of the Whig Party. The leader of the New England Whig Party, John Kerry, is currently Chancellor.


The New England Whig Party was formed from a merger of the New England Democratic and Republican parties in 1953, orchestrated by political strongman Joseph P. Kennedy. In the New England election of 1954, it won every seat in the New England Parliament. With this mandate, it introduced the New England Monarchy Bill, which proclaimed John Kennedy-Rockefeller, son of Joseph P. Kennedy, King of New England, and which was passed unanimously.

Since the creation of the monarchy, the New England Whig Party has won every election in both the federal and state parliaments. It has been alleged that this is due to widespread corruption and intimidation by the Kennedy-Rockefeller (later Kennedy) family; however, this has never been proven. The only time a state has been under the control of a non-Whig party was during the Vermont Revolution, during which Vermont was divided between military governors and the Second Vermont Republic.

The New England Whig Party is a member of the American Union of Liberal Parties, of which John Kerry currently holds the chairmanship.


The New England Whig Party is the parliamentary arm of the monarchy, and enforces its policies. As a result of the Kennedy family's relatively liberal politics, the Whig Party has been relatively left-leaning during recent years. However, its stance depends on the current monarch; during the unpopular reign of King Nelson, the Whig Party took a decidedly more conservative line.

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