The New England War was the bloodiest conflict in the History of North America, and was fought between the German Empire and the United States of America. It was the second time in US history that a overseas power invaded the U.S. mainland, and first war in which the German Empire fought an overseas power. The war lasted from July 27th, 1901, to February 8th, 1902.

The conflict has had a lasting effect upon all the nations involved in to varying degrees. It secured the position of the as United States a world power, and ended the Kaisers dream of a German Colonial Empire. However, another result was the Germans growth on continental Europe, which lead to the First World War.  


The key cause of the war was Kaiser Wilheim II desire to create a German overseas empire. Germany may have had some colonies, but the Kaiser felt that they needed one that would rival even the British Empire, and thus give him an excuse to build Germany's navy to match. Some historians speculate that Kaiser Wilheim II also felt he needed to prove himself to the world, and have cited his hatred of the U.S.A as another reason.

In the US, however, very little went on in the preparation of war, as no one was aware of Germany intentions. However, British intelligence uncovered evidence that Germany was preparing to invade an overseas nation. However, rather then warn the US, the British Government was more concerned that Canada was the Germans target, and began stock piling weapons in the region for the populace. With the Boer War still raging on, Britain could not directly intervene in North America, so placed Canada top priority, and paid no heed to the US.  

First Landings; 1901.

On July, 20th, 1901, a fleet of ships set out from Germany, bound for New England. Accompanying them were most of the German Navy, save the North Sea Fleet. The Kaiser had an Ultimatum sent to Washington, D.C., but deliberately delayed it so as to catch the US by surprise. The British spotted the fleet, but, rather then inform the US, they began making preparations in Canada for the possible war. 

However, over a week later, German troops landed on Long Island, and swept into Brooklyn, catching the Americans and the world by surprise. A spirited defense by 1000 state militia men in and around Brooklyn Bridge, however, delayed the Germans for at least two days, in an event that became known as the Battle of Brooklyn Bridge, buying time for refugees to flee the city, and also gave the time needed for word to get to Washington. A naval blockade began around New York harbor, and German Naval Ships began bombing the US coast at random points, causing severe damage and loss of life. President William McKinley declared a state of war had begun between the German Empire and the United States of America. Governors from several states began sending National Guard and state militias to New York. Most of these militias were untrained and carried out of date weaponry, but had the advantage of numbers. 

On June 8th, Germany presented the terms of surrender for the US, and gave them a week to reply. Meanwhile, German forces had begun to establish a formidable beachhead around the city of New York, which was now occupied by German forces, and the remaining population, was in the consent fear of the Germans. More state militias began arriving, and a force of over 50,000 was assembled to confront the Germans. They were beaten back, however, at the Battle of the Hudson by the German First Army, and retreated to Albany, which became the main area of a massive military build up by American forces from regulars to militia. The Germans, on the other hand, had to ferry their troops across the Atlantic, but had the superiority of weapons on their side.  This resulted in a stalemate forming, and little to no action occurred until August 3rd, when the Battle of Hartford began.


The Battle of Hartford was the first major battle of the war.

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