The New England Trunk Line is the longest and busiest train line in New England. Like many other modern trunk lines, it is of a wheeled maglev hybrid design. Being a high-speed line, it stops only at major settlements, letting its branch lines (some of which share the same route) take care of the rest. On long stretches, the train can reach a top speed of over 500 kph. Due to the fact that it runs along the coastal plain and does not have to deal with mountains, it is able to attain high speeds. From Boston to Charlotte, the fastest ride takes 5 hours 40 minutes.

New England Trunk Line Stops

Boston, MA
Worcester, MA
Springfield, MA
Goede Hoop, CT
Quinnipiac, CT
Bridgeport, CT
Rippowam, CT
New York City, NY
Assunpink, LN
Philadelphia, PA
Willington, AT
Baltimore, NK
Alexandria, FD
Richmond, VA
Oaksborough, VR
Charlotte, VR

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