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Confederation of New England
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
North Atlantic Community NewEnglandCoa
Flag Coat of Arms
Populated Areas of the NEC
Capital Aroostook
Largest city Montpelier
Other cities Burlington, Houlston
Language English, French
Area 96,000 km²
Population est. 2,590,000 
Independence 2010
Currency Vermont Dollar

The Confederation of New England is an economic union between several city-states, nations, and independent townships in Northern New England. While it is an economic union, the situation with Vermont regarding its neutrality remains a serious issue in regarding a unified economic market.



Originally, all of these member nations were British colonies. During the American Revolution, New Hampshire was among the first 13 colonies, while at the time Vermont was an independent Republic and Maine was barely inhabited.

During the American Civil War, or the War Between the States, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine remained part of the U.S.


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Ever since Aroostook discovered that there were local governments that had survived in the area, the idea had floated to unite the countries that once formed the region of New England in the United States of America. While most of these were local ideas, the idea was raised as a serious issue in late 2008.

When the idea was finally again brought up in late 2008, an agreement was set up. This agreement was known as the "Charter of the Creation of the Confederation of New England", in which the initial union would closely knit Aroostook and Vermont, but give Vermont a level of autonomy, such as the use of its own currency alongside the North Atlantic Dollar, which has yet to be made.


As of June of 2010, the only members are those who signed the Charter of the Creation of the Confederation of New England: Vermont, the Northern Townships, and Aroostook.

While each member is completely self-governing, they all share economic and political ties with each other.

Flag of the Vermont RepublicRepublic of Vermont

New England pine flag Aroostook

No flag Northern Townships

Future Members

None at the present moment.


The economies of each nation are all primarily agricultural. Fishing in Aroostook is a large section of the economy as well. Most of the countries' agriculture comes from Vermont, which is the most stable member of the union and this has "more to share". Technology remains a slow but growing economic factor as well, with watchmaking and products of many factories in the Northern Townships making up most of this.

International Relations

Only Aroostook is a member of the League of Nations, since the Northern Townships has come into contact with few other nations and Vermont is waiting for it to be accepted. All three nations also have close relations with Canada.

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