New England
Timeline: New America

OTL equivalent: Region from america known as New England
New England pine flag NewenglandsealNA
Flag of New England Seal of New England
New England in Dark Blue

Equality and Justice for All (English)

Anthem "My Country, 'tis of thee"
(and largest city)
  others French
Demonym New Englander, Yankee
Government Republic, Democracy
  legislature Parliament of Acadia
Prime Minister John Kerry
Population 14,452,636 
Established 2006
Independence from United States
Currency Yankee Dollar
Organizations American Union
The Republic of New England is an eastern country, originally a part of the United States of America, which mostly borders the Atlantic Ocean and is known for its scenic landscape. The nation is very progressive and is mostly controlled by the Progressive Party and the nation is currently led by Prime Minister John Kerry.

Politics of New England

New England is a very progressive nation, politically and socially, since its founding and even before that when the nation was a part of the United States of America. The nation adopted a "free-form" constitution which allowed for a House of Representatives and a Senate which was comprised of equally distributed members from each state, ten from each, and appointed people in several fields such as economics, law, politics or science much like a House of Lords. Senators are also elected along with the Representatives so if a motion of no confidence is issued, the elected senators are also up for election. The nation also allows the American Natives on reservations to elect there own Representative, currently Wayne Mitchell. The nation, founded in 2006, has enacted more socially progressive laws than any other nation currently in the American Union like gay marriage throughout the nation and cannabis legalization throughout Vermont and Massachusetts, and medical cannabis in New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island. The nation has the highest levels of income tax on the richest at about 59.6%, but a mainstream corporate tax at about 17.8% on the largest of corporations. The Progressive Party is the largest and most dominant party in the country, while the Progressive Conservative Party and the Conservativeshave had some minor success since the country's founding.

Political Parties

Party Name Leader Spectrum Seats in the House of Represenatives (225 in total) Seats in the Senate (116 in total) Seats in AU AU Party Seats in New Hampshire/Vermont/Maine/Massachusetts/Rhode Island/Conneticut Assemblies Local Council Seats
Progressive Party John Kerry Social Liberal, Progressive, Social Democracy 170 56 28 Social Democrats and Progressives 25/57/45/60/44/27 1,567
Conservatives John E. Sununu Conservatism, Contiscepticism 40 32 1 American Conservatives and Reformers 39/12/23/18/26/25 598
Progressive-Conservative Party Mitt Romney Centrist 14 24 1 American People's Party 5/10/24/8/2/15 278
Native Lands Party Wayne Mitchell Progressive, Native American rights 1 2 1 Native Lands Party 0/0/1/0/0/0 7
Green Party Jill Stien Environmentalism, Progressive 0 2 1 Green Activists 0/2/0/2/0/0 26

2006 General Election

The first General election in the nation's history was a very intense one with over seven million dollars in campaign spending in only six weeks of camapigning. The pre-written constitution was considered "loose" by John Sununu Conservatives leader who promised a moral and strict constiution when elected. With name recognition former Democrat and Progressive Party leader John Kerry, was able to get about 55% of the vote and promised a just and equal nation under his government. Progressive Conservative Party leader Mitt Romney, touted his business and leadership skills that could allow the nation to be socially progressive yet create better conditions for companies.

Party Seats in the House of Representatives (225 in total) Seats in the Seante (60 elected)
Progressive Party 168 39
Conservatives 50 16
Progressive Conservative Party 6 5
Native Lands Party 1 0

2010 General Election

In the midst of a recession the Progressive Party pursued new economic and social policies. The Progressive Party tried to pass new social laws to rally support like the national "Gay Rights Act" which allowed for nationwide civil unions, yet left marraige to the states. The Kerry Government also passed new measures on public spending and tax deductions for middle class families. The tactics paid off and the Party gained two seats in the House of Representatives but lost five in the senate.

Party Seats in the House of Representatives (225 in total) Change in seat total Seats in the Senate (60 elected) Change in seat total
Progressive Party 170 + 2 34 - 5
Conservatives 40 - 10 19 + 3
Progressive Conservative Party 14 + 8 6 + 1
Native Lands Party 1 - 0 -
Green Party 0 - 1 + 1

2006 AU election

New England's Progressive Party, a SDaP member, was able to score a huge victory in the General elections, some months prior. In the later AU elections the Progressive Party showed there place as the dominant political party by winning an amazing 29 out of 32 seats in the elections by showing they needed to send Progressive MAPs to enact policies like the ones back at home. The Progressive Conservative Party saved some money from the general election and were able to win two seats, to the Conservative Party's one seat.

Party AU Party Seats
Progressive Party Social Democrats and Progressives 29
Progressive Conservative Party American People's Party 2
Conservative Party American Conservatives and Reformers 1

2011 American Union elections

The last AU elections proved that the leading Progressive Party, could dominate the New England political arena and this time they did the same. Although they lost a seat, they still won a huge majority of them and even cost there closest rival in AU elections, the Progressive Conservative Party one of their seats. The Progressive Party won 28 seats out of the 32 seats with the PCP, Conservative Party, Native Lands Party, and the Green Party each winning just one seat.

Party AU Party Seats Seat changes
Progressive Party Social Democrats and Progressives 28 - 1
Conservative Party American Conservatives and Reformers 1 -
Progressive Conservative Party American People's Party 1 - 1
Green Party Green Activists 1 + 1
Native Lands Party Native Lands Party 1 + 1