New England
Kingdom of New England
Timeline: [[English World]]

OTL equivalent: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, the island of Newfoundland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and portions of Michigan, Quebec, and Ontario
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Boston
Largest city Boston
Other cities Dedham, London, Bristol, Portland, Halifax, New Amsterdam, Montereal
English (primary) and French
  others Dutch (small minority in New York)
Religion Catholic
Demonym New English, New Englander, Yankee
Government Kingdom
  legislature New English Parliament
Currency Amero

New England is a country in northeastern North America. It borders Canada to the north, Carolina to the south, Superior and the Great Lakes to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.


The first settlement in present-day New England was Bristol on Cape Cod. Quickly, the colony expanded to  the Massachusetts Bay Colony. A hurricane nearly wiped Bristol off the map so the capital was moved to Boston. Boston quickly became linked with its neighbors Dedham and London. The next settlement was Rhode Island. However the tiny colony was so unsuccessful the government collapsed and was given to governing by Massachusetts Bay. The French (Britain's worst enemy) had settled much of present day New England after hearing of Massachusetts Bay. England found out they had settled the last bit of "neutral" territory in the area. They decided to punish France for being too big by starting a war. Spain, Walloonia, Flanders, Baravia, Wuruttemburg, and Denmark side with France, hoping to expand their territories too. However, Austria, Netherlands, Portugal, and Prussia side with the United Kingdom. This is the start of the Colonial War. France loses all of the territory in present-day New England besides southern Quebec and parts of Ontario.


Here is a list of provinces in New England, and where exactly in the oversized New England they are.

Massachusetts (Massachusetts and Rhode Island)

Connecticut (OTL)

Vermont (OTL)

New Hampshire (OTL)

Maine (southern and central Maine)

Aroostook (northern Maine, a slice of New Brunswick, and a bit of southern Quebec.)

Berwick (Gaspe peninsula)

South Quebec (southern Quebec)

Ottawa (a bit of eastern Ontario and a slice of New York.)

New Brunswick (most of New Brunswick)

Nova Scotia (OTL)

Newfoundland (the island of Newfoundland, Anticosti Island, Prince Edward Island, and the Magdalen Islands.)

New York (southern New York)

East Jersey (eastern New Jersey)

West Jersey (western New Jersey)

Wessex (northern New York)

Merseyside (western New York)

Pennsylvania (eastern and central Pennsylvania, Delaware)

Columbia (Central Maryland and Northern Virginia)

Maryland (eastern Maryland and Virginia's eastern shore exclave)

Kanawha (West Virginia [except north panhandle] and western Maryland)

Ohio (eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and a slice of New York)

Kentucky (western Ohio and eastern Indiana)

New Wiltshire (western Indiana)

Michigan (Lower Peninsula of Michigan)

Bermuda (Bermuda)

Adjacent Countries

Canada- north

Superior- west

Vandalia- southwest

Carolina- east


United Kingdom





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