State Of New Dortmund
Staaten Von Neu Dortmund Estado De Nuevo Dortmund
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire

OTL equivalent: Minnesota
Flag of Dortmund (The Kalmar Union).svg Austria Bundesadler 1919-1934
Flag of New Dortmund Coat of Arms of New Dortmund
Location of new dortmund USA Map America Takes All lands Edition
Map of New Dortmund Shows Part of USA

Neu Dortmund Der Staaten (German, Spanish.)
("Dortmund New Is States")

Anthem "Neuen Dortmundischers Der Allies"
Capital St. Paul
Largest city Mineapolis
Other cities New Dortmund, Brunslander
Language German, Spanish.
Religion (Christianity) Roman Catholicism, Protestantism
Ethnic Group Germans, Whites, Whites Germans, All Whites All Are Hispanics, Mestizo
Governor Mark Dayton
Established 1858
Currency Dollar
New Dortmund Is US State And County New Dortmund Is US State And German US State Language And US State After War Against Native Indians In 1845 It Is Counties In US State Of New Dortmund 21st Most Populations of the US States New Dortmund known as german state  high rate and civic participation German descent state known as german scandinavian american culture soon subtantial rebates influxes of Asian, African, And Latin American Also European White Descent With Spanish And Mestizos have joined descendants of European Settlers and the german language in US State of New Dortmund And New Bayern  And the original Obijwe And Dakota Inhabitants.

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