Wapi Shina
New China

Timeline: Luna: Earth II
New China flag
New China map (in red)
Anthem "March of the Volunteers"
(and largest city)
New Beijing
Language Chinese
Ethnic Group Chinese
Demonym New Chinese
Government Single party-led state
Area approx. 429,486 km²
Population approx. 11,300 
Established September 5, 2015
Currency Renminbi (¥)
Calling Code +86
Internet TLD .lcn
Organizations Colony of United Dominion of Tilkini

New China is a Lunar colony to be fully established in 2015. It is the third-largest colony in the United Dominion of Tilkini with an expected third-largest population of an estimated 11,300 people. It will be controlled through the Communist Party of China and is planned the only Lunar colony without an acting leader living in New China.


Counties of New China:
1- Hu
2- Huayuan
3- Yueliang
4- Endian
5- Chuntian
6- Zhongxin
7- Shang
8- Huang
9- Weiba