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New California Republic
Timeline: Game of Nations
NCR California state coat of arms (illustrated, 1876)
Flag Coat of Arms
Religion Roman Catholicism
Aaron Tibet
Population 38,000,000 
Currency NCR dollar
The New California Republic (NCR) is a democratic federation based in California with holdings in Nevada, Baja, Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. They contain a population of 38,000,000 with many living cities or on farms.


California Republic

The area known as California was colonized by Europeans moving up from South America. Harbors and Catholic missions were established all over.

War of Independence

One greater nation by the name of Mexico had arised after a revolution against the nation that had colonized them. California had remained a province of Mexico. Their mother nation had suffered a heavy loss from a revolution of another nation near the border. Soon soldiers armed riding on horses rode through the valley burning crops, scaring away the cattle, and burned down entire settlements around Sacramento valley. This was because their mother nation knew that the previous revolution would inspire California to fight for their independence. The horsemen did not stop California's thought of independence, in fact it angered them into wanting a revolution. It was not long before the nation began a revolution inspired by Aredash R. Tandi.

Aredash had led protests at first but he knew that a revolution was rising. The first main event of the revolution was the the Riot of Sacramento. Sacramento housed a armory filled with weapons. Aredash rose a riot with the people assaulting the armory. The riot was successful and the rebels fortified themselves within the armory. For hours they sat in their continuously firing back at the enemy. The soldiers had the numbers and would not stop coming. The rebels had used a sewer in the fort to reach the city outskirts and smuggle the guns back to their isolated HQ: Shady Sands. After most of the arms were smuggled, many of the rebels had also retreated through the tunnels back to the HQ. Aredash then ordered some rebels to go throughout the city to warn the people still their to retreat outside of the city. Once they cleared all the people they could, the rebels then stuck with the last part of their plan: to light up the gunpowder and blow up the fort. The enemies just broke down the doors and shot Joseph Lorenzo who was about to light the gun powder.

But the other rebels had come up and began to return fire. Joseph, who was wounded, crawled to the barrels with the torch and lit the explosives. The armory, along with a great part of the city, was blown by the explosion. Aredash wasn't finished yet, he then had his soldiers march and siege the city, which was the Siege of Sacramento. The Siege of Sacramento, which was a success, pushed the enemy out of the region and gave the rebels more supplies. Sacramento was also one of the HQ's in the region. Morale and communication for the enemy were greatly hindered. Revolts all over California were initiated and the enemy was about to fall. The Battle of San Francisco was the final battle of the revolution. Aredashes forces pushed and captured San Francisco, another important HQ that allowed the enemy to receive supplies and communications from the sea. The revolution had been won by California on June 14th, 1846, a new dawn has arisen.

A new nation

The California Republic, ruled under their enemy, was renamed the New California Republic as a sign of a new nation with new views. Aredash had became the first president of the NCR and eventually began to build the nation. The former rebel HQ of Shady Sands began to grow and eventually became the a town and the Capital of the NCR. Roads were soon built from their capital to other major towns. California was united under the NCR shadow with roads and railroads soon crossed California. The first major company in the NCR was the Crimson Caravan Company established in 1847. The Crimson Caravan Company (CCC) eventually had spread all over a lot of America. The NCR Military was established right after the war. The Gold Rush of 1848 brought many settlers to the nation. This help the NCR both economically and in population.




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