New Córdoba was the first colony in Ard Marjhoola. It broke ground in 933, on behalf of the Caliphate of Córdoba and became the political regional Capital. It featured 22 permanent residents once the original ground work was complete, the rest of the crew returning back to report of the mission's success. All the members of the crew were given deeds to plots of land near the colony, of which to build houses on if they wished to return. Some crew members chose to sell the deeds, and others returned later to start a new life once more services were available.

Of the 22 residents, they included a veteran politician who acted as Mayor, a retired General and two of his men to act as security, two huntsmen and two builders to provide food and shelter, as well as two doctors and several scholars. The remainder was made up of the husbands, wives and children of the skilled men and women. The second visit to New Córdoba increased the size to 63: 40 new residents from the ship, an Imam, and a baby of one of the scholars.

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