• 1. Implausibility is obviously outlawed.
  • 2. The Game will start in 1995 with the aftermath of the doomsday.
  • 3. New turns start on 00:00 PST on each day.
  • 4. You can only choose one nation.
  • 5. Playing as colonies is forbidden.
  • 6. Mods can strike out implausibility. However, the reason must be stated.
  • 7. Turns will go in quarter years.
  • 8. Mods can create tension in nations, kill off people, start civil wars, and start natural disasters.
  • 9. If someone becomes very implausible, we will have a vote to keep them in the game, or to kick them out of the game. This rule applies to players and mods.
  • 10. Mods will negotiate treaties.
  • 11. Please try to abide by the rules.
  • 12. Mods' words are law, unless proven wrong.
  • 13. Countries' names only changes (sometimes) under government change.
  • 14. Flags only change (sometimes) under government change.
  • 15. Colonizing: One pixel (not literally, just one pixel wide) every one and a half turns.
  • 16. From Now On Turns Will be taken after Certain Time Of Years (maybe five or ten) New Ages will Start By Mods, Each Age Will bring Some New Capability to the Nations, Add the Number you wish To Use for your nation from one to twelve to use in to choose which nation makes its Discovery each year and each Age.
  • 17 Mods Can Have two Nations if the Head Mod and the other Mods Approve it, if it's approved, the nation must be on another continent.

Complaints, Issues, etc

What is the country that is next to Great Britain? Matt121 ??? Matt125 (talk) 08:59, August 15, 2012 (UTC)


Bolded means approved {C}Sine dei gloriem

-Bauglir Zero


-Sasafred12 06:01, July 2, 2012 (UTC)



Map Makers

Sine dei Gloriem







The Game takes place in a Far more Romanized world, by the time of Charlemagne the Culture was similar to the 1500 age tech in exception of the contacts with east Asian Nations and fire weapons, he finally imposed the east Roman Culture and Pushed away the Muslims of Spain.

After this in 953 AD the Nations of Europe grew to be like their counterparts in 1700 of our age.

In the early 1170 AD (1920 AUC) Rebellions and Recessions and with Similar tech to our time 1212 AD (1960 AUC) An EMP Blast earth destroying All tech achieved by this time. {C}The game takes place in the aftermath of Earth civilization's fall, major and minor civilizations fell alike, now after 35 years of rebellions and conflicts in 1247 AD (1995 AUC) a few cities and nations were born from the ashes of apparent destruction. Now you must take your nation and rise it to Glory or Fall like your ancestors did long ago...

A series of revolutions and to finish the already injured nations of the world a solar flare generated an EMP destroying all tech on Earth, now Earth is re-surging back out from the second Dark Age.

That's pretty much the plot...


No flags yet. You will make it or pick it up for your nation.

Right now I will just put ten nations.

  • The Kingdom of Southern France Occupied by the Aquitanian/Tolosan Kingdom -- .
  • The Kingdom of Spain -- Defeated By Aragon
  • Bandeira Federalista Ibérica (1854) The Republic of Hispania (old Aragón) -- Bauglir Zero
  • 100px-Flag of Rome.svg Republic of Romana --
  • Republic of Florida -- Enclavehunter 02:51, June 26, 2012 (UTC)
  • Kingdom of China -- Yamashita1020 (talk) 14:29, July 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Republic of Cochinchina Kingdom of Indochina -- Guns (talk) 16:16, July 6, 2012 (UTC)
  • NC FLAG Republic of Nova Colombia -- Sine dei gloriem
  • Republic of New York -- IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum.
  • Flag of Egypt Republic of Egypt -- TornadoM 03:03 June 26,2012 (UTC)
  • Republic of Lyon --
  • The Galian Empire -- Sine dei gloriem
  • Flag of the Republic of YucatanConfederation of Yucatan -- David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk)
  • Kingdom of Caucasia Third Republic of Azerbaijan -- Stewdio333 22:00, July 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • Greek Empire -- Kerry Stapleton (talk)
  • Kingdom of Albania -- JCC
  • Republic of Venice -- Sasafred12 00:13, June 27, 2012 (UTC)
  • Kingdom of Tunisia -- Unified with the Republic Of Sicily
  • Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974) Kingdom of Axum -- "Truth fears no questions..." 22:49, June 26, 2012 (UTC)
  • Republic of Siberia --
  • Republic of California -- Andr3w777 06:15, June 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Cascadia Republic of Cascadia -- Doctor Evulz (talk)
  • New Ottoman Empire -- Dean DeanSims (User talk:DeanSims) 20:15, July 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • The Republic of Argentina --
  • GermanyNewBeginningFlag The Republic of Germany -- Oshawott3What? That's crazy!
  • New Cape Republic (the state in South Africa): -- Nkbeeching
  • Kingdom of Carthage -- Unified with the Republic Of Sicily
  • Kingdom of Morocco -- Unified as the Kingdom of Vandaly
  • Kingdom of Vandaly --
  • Republic of Great Britain -- Matt121 ??? Matt125 (talk) 05:58, July 14, 2012 (UTC)
  • Republic of Sicily --
  • Kingdom Of Britain --
  • Kingdom of Granada --
  • Kingdom of Peru --
  • Republic Of Brazil --
  • Republic of North Caucasia or Caucasia and Crimea --
  • Republic of Africa --
  • Republic of Scandinavia -- lockehorn
  • Uganda --
  • Republic of India --
  • Kingdom of the Indo --
  • Republic of Texas --
  • the New Confederate States of America --
  • Caliphate of Arabia --
  • Caliphate of Oman --
  • Republic of Northern Zealand --
  • Republic Of Southern Zealand --
  • Kingdom of Queensland --
  • Republic of darwin --
  • Republic of new gales --
  • Kingdom of Victoria --
  • Kingdom of Mesopotamia --

New Nations will arise from dust as these ones have done.

Defunct Nations

  • Nation: Kingdom of Spain
  • Reason: Capitulation to Aragón
  • Division: Kingdom of Granada, Kingdom of Castilla, Portugal, Aquitania and Mostly to Aragon/Hispania
  • Inheritor: Aragón/Aquitania or The Kingdom Of Tolosa

  • Nation: Kingdom of Tunisia
  • Reason: Unified with Sicily
  • Inheritor: Sicily

  • Nation: Kingdom of Carthage
  • Reason: Unified with Sicily
  • Inheritor: Sicily


Light Blue Means Mod Controlled

Dark Blue Means Power Nation mod ControlledNew Beg19991


When the Game Reaches eight Players We will Start.

Everyone Please Send this Game to Other Map Gamers to Make the Game Faster.

OK Roman, Venecian and Aragonian Players enter to the talk page to Make the Algorithm for the war

All active players please post here a number to be your reference in Major Events (e.g. The first Intercontinental travel, the first Distant Exploration, the first missile fabricated... etc.

Nova Colombia: 7.

Hispania 5.

South Causcaus (Azerbaijan): 9

Confederation of Yucatan: 3

Germany: 2

News - something I should have said long ago, the game is not set in 1996 of our calendar if not in 1996 AUC, in 1247 AD, YET cultures are the same, cause of intrincated lucky events

Wars and Conflicts

  • The Mediterranean War
    • The conflict between MUFS and IAA nations to control or settle in Hispanian, Gallic lands and Italic Peninsula and Dalmatia (Yugoslavian terrains) by the IAA and German tribes
    • Factions: July,1995-july 1996
      • MUFS (Romana, Venice and Aragón/Hispania), Morocco, Paris, Galia and the Basque Country.
      • IAA (Spain, The Three Spanish Kingdoms, Portugal, Lyon, Albania, South Germany Tribes), Serbian, Czech and Polish tribes.
    • STATUS: Finished
    • Possible Outcome: Italian control of Lyon and Switzerland and Venecian invasion over Austria, prolongation of the war between Hispania and the Three Kingdoms.
    • Advantage: MUFS side, Roma, Aragón/Hispania and Venice.
    • Defeated or Quit: Spain (Occupied by Aragón/Hispania, divided into three kingdoms and invaded by Portugal)
    • Outcome: Iberian Victory,Invasion of Morocco and Recovery of Part of Spain by the Portuguese and Granadians, Invasion and annexation of Navarra at hands of Castillians, Formation of the Kingdom of Britain in western Paris


Let the History Take its Course again.

Age Of Darkness

Don't use Major Weapons, No missiles, No tanks, No Major Fleets than a 15 simple ships fleet. The Cars and Other Vehicles are Hard to get, There aren't any Major Potences In the world or Intercontinental travel the farthest any Contact will be Given on if the share a sea Coast with the other Continent e.g. Mediterranean, Caribbean.


  • Random Event Italian armed Forces Reconquer The Peninsula And Southern France Territories
  • Nova Colombia: The States Organizes Into A republic Joining Forces the Venezuelan and Northern Colombian Survivors Of the Fall of the Society, The Leadership Is set In Cucuta and Starts Rebuilding old Buildings and Organizing and Improvised Army, Colombia's Remaining Fleet Start Again, The Military Pressioned the Southern Colombian, a few Working ships were sent to Panama and Nicaragua and small groups in the coast accept to join.
  • Axum: Axum turns its eyes westward, as it builds up its military force, and begins expanding into the African mainland. The capital is located in the city of Dire Dawa until a new one is found.
  • Venice: Venice sends an alliance offer to France and that other Italian country.(sorry I don't know the country's name. Venice also puts more defense at the Capitol, Venice.
  • Aragón: The Republic offers an alliance to Romana, the military is rebuilt. The capital is set in Zaragoza.


  • Axum: The emperor orders the construction of a navy for plans of constructing an overseas empire in the future. In the west, imperial forces fight their way into the old capital city of Addis Ababa, and send word back to the emperor, who prepares his armies to begin aggressive expansion into the old lands.
  • Aragón: The Republic offers an alliance to Venice, the industry is rebuild in many cities, the President declares hostilities (no war, yet) against the Kingdom of Spain, supporting the republicans, commies (communists) and leftists over there.
  • Nova Colombia:Elections Start, the Military and And Government start sending troops to southwest and southeast of Colombia And start Moving northern To Panama territories.
  • The Republic of California: the Republic of California is formed and begins to immediately build infrastructure and begins restoring regions. Research into new types of energy begins. The military plans on invading the lawless tribes to the West to add them to the Republic.
  • Roma: Roma accepts the alliance offer from Aragon and Venice, and they also suggest a customs and monetary union called the Mediterranean Union of Free States. (MUFS)


Mod Event:The Spaniards invade Aragon and Southern France, the war is imminent.
Mod Event: German Rebel Groups Move Towards France and The Italic Peninsula and Start To attack Venecians and Romans
  • Venice: Venice fights back the Germans with the military buildups. Venice accepts Aragon's offer of alliance. And Venice marches our troops towards Germany.
  • ​Aragón: The Republic declares war against Spain, a massive mobilization occurs and help is ask to Romana and Venice, the President himself march in the front line with thousands of Aragoneses.
  • Venice D: Venice will help with the war by sending some supplies.
  • Aragón Diplomacy: The Republic is grateful.
  • Roman Diplomacy: We would be happy to send help against the Spanish and also request help against the Germans.
  • Aragón Diplomacy: Thank you, the Republic will send help as soon as we can.
  • Axum: Imperial forces recapture the old capital of Addis Ababa, and push on into the Sudan and south to East Africa. The military undergoes a second round of expansion with the construction of a naval force.
  • Roma: Roma sends troops to the German border and ships some to Aragon to help with the war against Spain, we also send the offer to Aragon and Venice about the customs and monetary union called the Mediterranean Union of Free States. (MUFS)
    • Aragón Diplomacy: The Republic accepts your offer (we join the MUFS).
    • Venice D: Venice accepts to join the MUFS.
  • New Ottoman Empire: The NOE invades the lands east of it and conquers a large portion of them, marking the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Mod Event: Arabian Tribes assault Citizens Of the New Ottoman Empire.
  • Mod Event: In the South Of The Italic Peninsula Separatist Forces Invade Sicily .
  • Mod Event: The Kingdom Of Portugal And Republic Of Lyon Join With Spain Forming the Ibero-Alpinean Axis, The Southern Germany Tribes Join As well
  • Mod Event: From the Cold coast of the Baltic a New Nation is Born Carrying the Germany Name
  • Nova Colombia: the Nation Starts Its Conquering Policy in Northern South America and The Caribbean the Political Leadership Remains at Cucuta While Culturally Caracas and the Military in Cartagena, the Military starts developing fleet ships and Invade Jamaica,and sending Brazilian scout ships in the Coastline
  • Caucasia: After long fighting between the former nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan, the mayors of former capitals, Yerevan and Baku, are assassinated within weeks, and war is about to break out again between the two city-states. Former Soviet Communist Party Member, and brief previous mayor of Baku, Artur Rasizade, declares himself King of Caucasia and declares former Azerbaijan to be the Kingdom of Caucasia. Though the initial reaction to the Baku public, is that he's crazy, he comes up with ideas for the Invasion of Armenia, and plans to make a full-Azeri Kingdom. Most of its Land Force vehicles are from its Soviet days, with 104 BMP-1's, and other Soviet tanks like 130 T-55's (currently in the process of being retrofitted to work without electricity), and huge oil deposits off the Baku coastline, plans for invasion start immediately. Work on repairing the Air Forces start, with the first bringing 11 Sukhoi Su-24 bombers back into operation.

I'm sorry to tell you but, SO BMD-1 Is out. You can yet use another type of vehicle.


Mod Event: Spain is Divided Into two by Nationalists, They Move More troops Into Aragón and Morocco.

Mod Event: The Parisians join war with Spain, Morocco joins with Aragón and MUFS Axis.

Mod Event Tribes Man attack In California, New York is assaulted by Canadian and American Tribes in their Borders, Caucasian Separatists set their Base at Crimea and the Azov sea coastline

  • Aragón: The Republic attack south Spain with Morocco's help, a military treaty is offer to the Nationalists from the Basque Country and Galicia, if they help Aragón to defeat Spain, they can have independence. The Army claims all Spain under Aragonese jurisdiction and any support to the Monarchy is dead. The Army also attack the north regions with the Euskadi help.

The Basque accept the offer and they Join into the Alliance with the Condition that they Remain as Independent Nation from Aragón Republic, the Galician as well ask this.

  • Aragón D: Sure, it's an alliance then.
  • Axum: Imperial forces march south to former Uganda, seeking to bring the region into the realm of the Emperor. A railroad is constructed between Axum and Addis Ababa, and the military is expanded further, with the addition of 100 light tanks and five aircraft.
  • Causcaus: The newly-formed Royal Causcasian Army brings in WWII-era tanks back into operation, including 70 T-54's and 100 T-10's, and continues rebuilding 100 Yakovlev Yak-3 fighter planes (from the Soviet Air Force during WW-II) for the rebuilt Royal Caucasian Air Force. The Second Invasion of Nagorno-Karabakh takes place, with the Siege of Khankendi (Stepanakert) occurs. However, the Azeri forces did not expect the people of Nagorno to fight to the death, and for Armenian forces to have prepared their militaries either. Fighting was not expected to be this hard, and the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War is expected to last into next year, especially as heavy snow hits towards the end of the year. Things are going far harder than expected with the military.
  • Nova Colombia:the Army Starts the Caribbean and Central American Campaigns to Invade all Territories on there and Put them Under Colombian Control
  • Confederation of Yucatan: The confederation is formed as scattered survivor states hear of Colombian intentions and unify. Preparations are made for war. However a messenger is sent to ask Nova Colombia for an alliance.
    • NCD:We accept your offer and as a much you don't attack us we'll be your allies.
  • Indochina: Slowly recovers from the DD. Starts expanding. The army begins to stabilize the country and it emerges onto the Regional scene.
  • Germany: The kingdom is to be divided into two parts to attempt to organize this new land. People are encouraged to create self-supporting communities in case of a division or attack. Bridges are being rebuilt above major waterways.
  • Mod Event: Middle German and Polish tribes Enter Germany and Czech and Serbian Tribes Push into Venecian and Roman Territories, In Spain, the basque Lose terrain to the Spaniards and they Expand into Southern France
  • Mod Event: The Yucatan Confederation Is assaulted by Mexican Tribes and Fleeing Central American Tribesman, While In Southern Asia The Tribes Men Start Attacking Indochina Kingdom.
  • Roma: Roma sends half the army to the north to fight the German, Czech, and Serbian Tribes while also sending troops to help Aragon defeat the Spanish, Parisian, Lyonese, and Portuguese troops.
  • Venice: Venice fights back all German infantry, and gain all of our land back, and also March our secondary army to Germany.
  • Random Event: The Venecian Army Defeats the German Tribes with Help Of Roman Republic Defeat them In the Battle of Salzburg Making them To Retreat into Czech republic and Southern Germany, In Hispania the Aragonese army Defeat the Iberian army in the Betican assaults Taking Control of Southern Spain Terrains.


  • Mod Event the Spanish Kingdom Keeps Attacking Southern France and The Betican Province of Aragonian Republic But Aragón Regional terrains are Kept outside the army invasion.
  • Sicily Separatist Declare the Sicilian and Sardinian Republic.
  • 'German Tribes arrive into German Kingdom and to the Parisian Empire' . Czech tribes Keep attacking Roma and Venecia.
  • In The Yucatan Confederation More Foreigners enter The nation the Economy Improves Due to the Relations with Novacolombians.
  • The Kingdom of Indochina Starts Economical Relations with Indonesian Tribes and China's Small Ports that formed their own Federation.
  • Axum: Imperial force march into Kampala, and raise their flag above the city. Troops are redirected from the south to take Kenya, and continue expansion of the empire without stop. In the core territories, the empire begins construction on a railroad from the capital to recently conquered Kampala. The Imperial Navy is also expanded to begin overseas conquests in Arabia.
  • Age Of Darkness: Don't use Major Weapons, No missiles, No tanks, No Major Fleets than a 15 simple ships fleet, There aren't any Major Potences or Intercontinental travel the farthest any Contact will be Given on if they share a sea Coast with the other Continent e.g. Mediterranean, Caribbean, Sorry you won't Have a major fleet than 15 ships and Nor tanks or Fighters...You can make the Railroad because it's simple and you should invade Arabia and India First .
  • Also - do you want to be a mod?
  • Sure. Thanks!
  • Aragón: The Republic sends a full cavalry/motorized attack against Madrid and centre Spain taken advantage of the presence of Spanish forces (because most Spaniards are fighting in the north and the south, leaving all my border with them weaker) with the purpose of attack the Spain capital and take hostage the Spanish government, some help is send to Venice and Romana to fight back the tribes. The President sends a heavy battalion to help the basque people.
  • Indochina: Use of the army to destroy a local uprising causes wide spread anger, and two senior members of government are assassinated. Indochina plunges into chaos.
  • Causcaus: With the loss of equipment in Eastern Armenia, the Azeri troops are forced to retreat back into former Azerbaijan, after the embarrassing defeat by the Armenians. Old Early Cold War Tanks and vehicles are lost forever to the mountainous snowstorms and the hands of the Armenian Army. Multiple retreating soldiers are slaughtered by enraged Armenian soldiers as retaliation for the last century of being repressed and beaten, combined that there is no international peacekeepers to end the violence. Meanwhile, all this news is hidden by returning soldiers, as there are no forms of communication available in the Age of Darkness. In order to avoid riots breaking out in major cities, all retreating soldiers are found outside Baku and Ganja are shot down by the Royal Guard, dispatched by King Rasizade. Meanwhile, inside the government, many officials agree that their King has gone too far, and are currently plotting out his assassination.
  • Yucatan Confederation. We open our arms to the refugees. All who are thirsty come to our rivers, drink and eat with us. Humanity needs to stand together. With this in mind we improve our hospitals and schools. We propose to NVC a union like the UN but better, with none of the weakness. Any state we meet shall be invited to join.
  • Roma: Roma sends some troops south to attack the Sicilian Rebels while also battling the Germans in the north and the Spanish to the west.
  • Nova Colombia:the army Starts Invading Brazilian Coast Line, The Economy starts growing and the Agriculture starts in Ecuatorian Domains. Hispaniola and Puerto Rico are Annexed to the Republic as well the rest of Centroamerican Domains, The small fleet starts developing warships and Cruisers and starts Planning on an Invasion to Brazilian Southern Coast.


  • Mod event after the entire occupation of Southern France by Spain, they Capitulate to Aragon, the Lyonese keep the war with the German Czech tribes.
  • Mod event the Confederation of Yucatan and northern terrains of Nova Colombia are assaulted by Raiders destroying small cities of Both.
  • Mod Event:Indochina gets a leader that unifies the kingdom
  • Mod Event the Sicilian Independentists Take control of Tunisia and Carthage.
  • Roma: Roma sends the entire army to Sicily, while sending two regiments the north.
  • Axum: Imperial forces capture Nairobi after battling off tribal forces living in the city proper. They move on to Mombasa seeking to push the Imperial borders south. The Emperor declares the grand project to begin fortifying the empire as fortress are erected all across Axum. He also orders the formation of an army to begin expansion into Yemen, with a force of 20,000 men, horse, and cannon assembled for the effort.
  • Aragón Hispania: The Republic can't be happier, the defeat of the Spanish Kingdom is the biggest victory in the Aragonese history, the new President (Fernando Echavarria) officially declares both Spain and Aragón, the Republic of Hispania, Galicia and the Basque Country are offered a federated status, or at least a military-economical alliance, the President sends a message to Portugal telling the government: "Stop fighting and join the Republic, no other answer will bring peace to your people" (the same message is repeated in all Spain). The Aragonese forces along the Spanish republicans, communists, democrats and other allies captured some of the Spanish Royal House and executed the adults and leaving the kids alive, to all the remnant Imperial Army an amnesty is offered, if they swear loyalty to the Republic no harm will be done. The small Aragonese fleet is send to help Roma fight Sicily along 2.000 soldiers. A opportunity to join the Republic is send to Morocco, and if they say no, a military-economical alliance is also offer, Andorra is attached with popular consent.
  • First of All You won't get all Spain. You get half up to Madrid and three kingdoms will form the kingdom of Granada, The Kingdom of Castilla And the Kingdom of Aquitania the last one reclaims to be the inheritor of all Hispania and Galia Aquitania, Loyalist flee to it.
    • I know that I didn't just conquer a Kingdom three times my republic, I just claim all Spain. That and an effective annexation are two different things, the rest is just bravado to scare the other countries.
  • Greece arises to the world stage after the aftermath of the apocalypse. The new government aims at making the country rise back up to its glory as it did in the ancient times. The government begins economical and military development and expansion, cultural heritage development, and political and social reforms. A monarchy is established as well as a parliament.
  • Mod Event: Greece is being Assaulted by the Caucasian Rebels in their First Contact in the black sea and Czech Tribes that break away from the rest starts invading Greek territories, Albania Starts Invading Greek territories, the Albanians enter the Axis with the Lyonese and Portuguese both Prepare an exploration of Ukraine and Caucasian Russia they made Contact with Caucasians, Russian tribes Join the war, impulsed by their German brothers and the promise of a fertile land.
  • CoY: Raiders are asked to enter negotiations. The defense force is put on alert. Explorers are sent out.
  • They Respond by saying they will not negotiate
  • Causcaus: King Rasizade was assassinated by an unknown assailant that was never caught, on the hot spring day of April 14, 1996. A royal funeral is set for the following month. However, it is reported that the entire Rasizade family was killed shortly after in a bloody struggle at the newly-built Royal Palace in Baku. Meanwhile, Assistant to the King, Ilham Aliyev, son of deceased former Azerbaijani President, Heydar Aliyev (he was killed during the Blackout Riots of 1993), takes power, and disestablishes Royalty, and announces a democracy similar to the short-lived democracy after the end of the Soviet Union, under a Shia Islam ideal, naming the new country, The Islamic Republic of Azerbaijan. Despite being fairly young (only 35 years old at this time), he promises a reunification of the Caucasus under an Islamic state, and promises to punished the damned Armenians for their atrocities and lies. One of his first actions, is to melt down all the metal and steel from the unusable electronic tanks that Azerbaijani SSR was supplied with during the later Soviet years, and plans to make them into all new fully-mechanical Armoured vehicles (tanks would be too much effort, and not worth it, according to escaped testimonies from the war last year). Another plan is to allow any of Muslim, to take asylum in Baku or any city of Azerbaijan, especially those from former nations Iran or Turkey. He then also puts new military measures, and extends conscription for males from age 13-40, to enlarge the Army, as plans for the future invasions are in store. Meanwhile, the first spies are being developed, and reports from Georgia, say that Caucasian Rebels are trying to take over Tbilisi and parts of Northern Georgia, along with believed explorers from other tribes in Europe.
  • Cascadia: Governor Pritchard announced today his plans of expanding into the east. While the plan was initially unpopular, he convinced several dozen men and women to settle east of Seattle. He also began the construction of a wall between Cascadia and California as a way to increase security and lower unemployment.
  • Venice: Venice gives their troops the order to go north east to the Austria area.
  • Nova Colombian Army Fights off the Raiders and Starts Building Cities in their Central American Domains, In the Brazilian Jungle the army Starts Using tactics to Seize any Separatist Movement in the South as well trying to Persuade the Brazilian and Peruvian Northern Tribes to join the Nation, The Small fleet sends three Ships to Scout the Pacific Coast in an attempt to Meet with any Ally Nation and to set Colonies, While in the Atlantic the Caribbean Campaign Continues Invading Cuba and four Ships more are sent to Scout the Eastern American Coast and A Colony is set in Louisiana


  • Mod Event: Turkish Tribes assault the Greek Empire, Albania Kingdom and the Axis Member Starts sending a small fleet to Help Portuguese in their Hispanian Campaign and Give Support to the Kingdom Of Aquitania. In Hispania the Kingdom of Castilla and Granada Invade Galicia and Navarra (Basque Nation).
  • Mod Event: The Lyonese army Expand Northern and they Occupy the South and West of The Parisian Empire and Give Asylum to Dutch German and Czech Tribes in there if they Support the war.
  • Mod Event the First Contact Has Been Done between Caucasians and Western Europeans, Movements to Start a Democracy show up, The North of Caucasia Kingdom Declares Independent as they don't want to be An Islamic state,They are Helped by Separatists and Rebels.
  • Mod Event: In America the First Contact is done between Californians, Cascadians and Nova Colombians.

Confederation of Yucatan: We learn of the existence of California and Cascadia through our allies the Novo-Columbians. We propose trading agreements, to help in these troubled times. A Campaign is started against raiders and defenses increased.

  • Cascadia: Governor Pritchard accepts the trading agreements and sends a group of explorers are sent to the Yucatan. Construction of the wall between Cascadia and California continues. Meanwhile, Pritchard orders the reconstruction and modernization of Vancouver.
  • Yucatan Diplomacy: We thank you. May we ask for an alliance?
  • Axum: Axumite forces annex the tribal territories around former Uganda, and incorporate the land into the empire. Imperial forces take Eritrea, and begin landing troops in Aden. Plans to cease expansion once San'a is captured are now underway.
  • Causcaus: As President Ilham Aliyev takes power, the first AZ-1 Armoured vehicles are created, patched with usable weapons from stripped tanks. (due to lack of electricity, the vehicles are built at a much slower pace, with the first 30 not available until the end of the year), meanwhile, former electricians, who have made it from former Turkey, reveal that it would be too much work to put a radar back in order, shutting down plans for a rebuilt Air Force, for now. Active personnel is increased from 60,000 to 100,000. Meanwhile, Armenians and Georgians are flocking to the support of Western European visitors, as they request assistant, as an Azerbaijani threat looms. About 50,000 soldiers are sent to military bases in Ganju, Yevlakh, Pirəkəşkül, Qusar, Gazakh and Zanglion. (With about 5,000 to 12,000 soldiers at each base) Upon contact with the Northern regions, President Aliyev confirms,"Nə Sülh olacaq. Deyil heç." ("There will be no peace. Not ever.")
  • No tanks yet.
  • Mod Event: The Caucasia and Crimea Government ask Greeks, Romans, Hispanians and Venecians Help to fight of Caucasia or at least keep it out of their Lands.
  • Mod Event:Britain kingdom is set with the Czech and German tribes setting in the Parisian empire. Due to this Paris Joins the war against the German and Portuguese.
  • Greece cannot believe that as soon it joined the game, it was caught in a surprise they did not prepare for. Now they are part of the Mediterranean Alliance, they plead for any help. They tell Caucasia and Crimea that it has no intentions in their lands, but asks them for help against the invaders. It begins mass-mobilization in order to defend the country from attacks.
  • Caucasia and Crimea will help the Greeks to Fight of the Albanians if Greeks agree to help to fight against he Caucasians
  • There are two Caucasias now the North Caucasia (Caucasia and Crimea which is a Christian-Secular State), South Caucasia (which is Caucasia which is Islamic-Secular State).
  • Mod Event: The nation in Spain Fully Declare war Against Hispania - From now on the wars will be between the nations fighting and example is that if Hispania is fighting Granada and Castilla these nations Score will be added and the War will be said won by or lost by... etc.
  • Nova Colombia: Peruvian northern states join and Brazilian northern tribes are defeated Cuba is left alone and no more invasion armies will be sent until further notice the fleet is being overhauled for support travels to longer distances and fire guns are made.


  • Mod Event:North Caucasian emissaries enter the Mediterranean Territories and ask for Support of the Nations in there to Keep their Status as a secular Republic
  • Mod Event:The Iberian Axis Wins the war, Castilla Invades Navarra, Portugal takes the west of Morocco and Expands into part of Hispania, Granada takes over the north-middle of Morocco
  • Mod Event Southern France Kicks out the Aquitanians and the Kingdom of Morocco is Invaded by German Tribes that arrive after the end of the war forming the New Kingdom of Vandaly
  • Mod Event:The Raiders in central America Divide into two groups the Northern Going and Invading California's southern lands and The southern invading parts of the Yucatan confed and Nova Colombia
  • Mod Event: The Kingdom of London is set as a republic
  • Also post a Number in the News post so that you can be chosen for random tech events I will add later in the game.
  • Greece agrees to fight against the Caucasian Muslims as long as it supports Greece against the barbarian invaders. A stalemate between the numerous invaders as Greece is deadlocked with many casualties from both sides.
  • North Caucasia Agrees the Euxinian War Start with North Caucasia sending troops to Romania and Bulgaria to Help in the Conflict with Albania and Czech Federations in The Balkans
  • South Caucasia (Azerbaijan) [9]: As retaliation for Armenia and Georgia siding with the infidels, 2,000 soldiers march into a village of 3,000 in Gegharkunik Province in Armenia, and fire their AKM's and AK-47's at the villagers, kidnapping all the men to be tortured and executed, while taking women of all ages (and some younger boys) to be raped, with babies being either being lit on fire, stomped on, even being eaten in some cases. A decapitated head of a baby is wrapped up into a box, and sent to Tbilisi, threatening "Tərk etməyin? Bu sizin bütün taleyi olacaq!" ("Do not leave? This will be your fate!")
    • WOW! That is very...descriptive.
  • Confederation of Yucatan: Expands into what was once Mexico, wiping out any raiders they come across. Peaceful people are given supplies and helped. Transport is upgraded, as are farming techniques, with the foundation of the Yucatan Agricultural College.
  • Axum: The Emperor orders a halt to planned invasion of Yemen, seeking to first consolidate the empire's hold on its new territories. He orders the construction of a vast railroad network to link the empire together, and then the expansion of the military to keep to the empire in one piece. Also, he wishes to introduce electricity to the capital city and bring the gift of the one true faith to his new lands.
  • Cascadia: Supports raiders in California in exchange for protection. Finishes three-fourths of the Cascadia-California Wall. Starts a secret military draft for men 16-30. Governor Pritchard accepts Yucatan's alliance offer.
  • Nova Colombia: an Alliance is requested to Cascadia and California,the War against raiders continues and Major Invasion Projects to Peru and Bolivia are Being Planned,In the Central Cities of Caracas Bogota Panama and Quito Rail roads are started to being built in the Provinces the Cuban Invasion is Restarted to start Caribbean Hegemony,The Small advance troops arrive to Louisiana and Set A small Colony in the Borders of Texan Nations, a fleet ship is Dispatched to Baja California to Start a Colony there.
    • Cascadia D: We accept.
  • Also invite friends to Make the Game goes faster and to make the Game grow, Please.
  • Hispania: The Republic ask a ceasefire to Granada and Castilla (both countries have internal insurgences, so I'm offering them time), but the war against Portugal is not stopped. The fleet start attacking the ships between Morocco and Europe to stop the Portuguese from sending soldiers to Morocco, hoping the insurgence over there will defeat the Portuguese. The Sciences Institute start researching about Howitzers and heavy artillery, the investigation have the purpose to start building artillery as soon as possible, but for now there are not results.
  • So war Continues as the Hispano-Portuguese wars and the War of Vandaly (New and Solely Christian Nation in Northern Africa so Good Luck In that One
  • London: They finally get a leader after three whole years of voting with their first plan being to attack the Republic of Britain to make England whole again. In further news the main city has plans to build a wall around it to stop anyone else from entering.
  • Egypt: The Egyptian People finally unify together to form the Republic of Egypt, Immediately they wish to spread there resources Southwestward into Central Africa with Tribal Weapons it manages to take only the former Chad tribal republic, but is repelled back by former DR Congo tribes, Thus only former Chad is conquered.

News: something I should have said long ago, the game is not set in 1996 of our calendar if not in 1996 AUC, in 1247 AD, YET cultures are the same, cause of intrincant lucky events, Next time Everybody check out the News Category please

  • That's actually a cool original idea for a timeline of this, though, confusing as hell. Stewdio333 (talk) 06:14, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

Age of Renaissance

the nations grow fast and the Mediterranean Nations Become the Major Cultural centre in the west world, Followed by the Caribbean and Cascadia. The nations Grow Socially and Nations start to redeveloped Culture as an art and Expansions in territorial means are starting

Gameplay review: this means Heavy artillery and Creation of small cars as tanks... etc etc

Sorry I've been off a while, will continue to post as CaliAndr3w777 (talk) 21:27, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

Oh no problem, as far as you come back and play your role fine by me Sine dei gloriem


  • Mod Event Portugal Takes Over Galicia and Moves their troops to the Border with Hispania
  • Mod Event Albania Keeps their war against Greece and North Caucasia, Caucasia keeps their attack against their Northern Neighbor
  • Mod Event:Southern France is divided, The South east is Given to Hispania as their Governors see no attempt by the government to seize the German invasion over there, while the North declares war against Hispania for taking over them, Aquitania invades Up to Bordeaux
  • Mod Event:Lyon Quits the war, and send their Troops to Northern territories
  • Mod Event: Albania declares war against Roma and Venice
  • Mod Event: in America Raiders come To California and Destroy everything in their part, they continue and reach Cascadia
  • Mod Event: in Africa Axum and Egypt Meet themselves and Start Trading
  • Mod Event:Seeing the Portuguese threat, Granada and Castilla Join Hispania
  • Mod Event:The Kingdom of Anglia in the North of Great Britain offers Help into retaking England.
  • Mod Event:The Kingdom of Thracia is annexed to Greece.

{C}OK my nation is the Republic of California and my number 77.

  • Axum: Axumite forces restart their campaigns, and march into the central African region, killing and converting as they go. The Imperial legions break camp in Aden, and march deeper into Yemen, slaughtering thousands of infidels, and reclaiming of their ancient colony. Upon the army's capture of San'a, they burn the slain enemies' bodies, their families, and livestock, to signal the forces on the opposite side of the Red Sea of their victory.
  • Cascadia: Offers food and shelter for raiders to cease attacking and sends the army after those who refuse the offer. Governor Pritchard orders a massive modernization project in Vancouver, Seattle, and Olympia. He also gets the top scientists to work on the design of new vehicles, particularly tanks. Meanwhile, the Cascadian Navy launches the first two Exploration Vessels, one heading to South America and the other to Asia and eventually Europe. They are supplied with several years' worth of necessities.
  • Greece manages to slowly drive out the barbarian forces attacking the borders of the country. They thank the Crimean/Caucasian Union for their help on protecting their beloved country from invaders. They continue to hold out until the war has ended. They ask the Egyptians for an alliance and trade agreements and any help in the war.
  • NEW MAP GAME HERE. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 06:21, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

Well, since I already did my typing ...

  • South Caucasus (Azerbaijan): Muslim Engineers have arrived in Baku, who used to build tanks for the Soviet Union, come to teach the Azerbaijani Army to build the first Armoured Personal Vehicles, since Doomsday occurred, (though, a number of engineers have ended up in Armenia, Georgia and South Causcaus as well). Meanwhile, violence continues in Eastern Armenia, in the Gegharkunik Province, as 10,000 soldiers invade Gavar, with orders to perform the atrocities performed in Chambarak and other villages. Though the subzero temperatures slow down the Azerbaijani soldiers, it does more damage to the Gavar citizens, where 6,500 of the 20,000 citizens (the adult men), are marched in the cold, naked, until they succumb in a brutal blizzard. The sons are used for target practicing, mainly for seeing how well the newly made Azerbaijani knives cut human flesh, saving bullets for escapees and soldiers (even then, only Makarov PM pistols are used). Women of all ages are all raped, with mothers and sisters being raped in front of their sons or brothers, being forced to watch as they can't do anything, only killing them after the raped are killed themselves. There are reportedly less than a 100 survivors that run to Georgia and South Causcaus, as refugees, the oldest being a 15-year-old boy that lost his right eye after being forced to watch his mother and two sisters being raped and killed. About 500 children's bodies are sent to Tbilisi, similar to last year, where each bag has a message carved on each child along the lines of saying "Buraxın! Və ya daha pis olacaq!" ("Leave! Or it will get worse!")
  • Confederation of Yucatan: Sends help to Cascadian scientists. Continues to expand into old Mexico. Transport and healthcare are improved. The army proposes a coordinated North-American campaign against the raiders.
  • Kingdom of China: The first focus of development in China is the navy and infrastructure. The Chinese military has begun to send scouts out to the west. Also the King has declared that if China expands fast the Kingdom will become an empire and he will crown himself the Emperor of China. China also requests an alliance with Indochina.
  • Empire of Paris: the Organization of Paris ends and the army Finally occupies their Kingdom and forces German and Czech tribes to leave part of their domain in France. Diplomatic Parties are sent to London Hispania, Roma and Venice as they are seen as the Strongest Nations in Europe and they ask for Support in the Normandian Campaigns against German And Czech tribes, the Capital Is Rebuilt in Paris, and the Empire Jean Pierre François is declared Francorum Imperator Galliarum the kingdom declares war against South France and Aquitania to Regain their Lands in the southern Territories of France.
  • Hispania: The Republic protects the French territories with heavy infantry, and starts mass production of artillery, like howitzers and anti-tank weapons. The fleet sends 4000 soldiers to the italian nations and Greece (all MUFS members).
  • London: The army has started to build the walls around the capital to protect from other armies. Plans have also gone into action as the west border goes to war as they declare war on Britain.


  1. Mod Event: In Europe In the Southern Terrains of Roman Domain at Italy a Earthquake occurs Killing 5,000 citizens at Tarento and Naples, and Severing the Sicilian defense army
  2. Mod Event: the Parisian Empire Is Invaded By German Tribes. These tribes March To Hispania And Roma and Some Travel to London where they destroy Cities and cause chaos
  3. Mod Event: Muslims are expelled from Sicilian Republic and the Kingdom of Vandaly. They Start travelling to Egypt
  4. Mod Event: In Axum an Explosion Occurs in the Capital City, 199 Deaths 500 Injured
  5. Mod Event: North Caucasia Angered by the Animalistic action of South Caucasians and Make an FAST STRIKE they Reach the South Caucasian Capital and Kill the president
  6. Mod Event: in California Raiders Keep Sacking and Killing Civilians. The Confederation of Yucatan Is Flooded from Fleeing groups from the raiders as well. Nova Colombia Is flooded with them in their north terrains
  • Greece continues to resist the efforts of the barbarian tribes. They manage to succeed in getting them out of their borders and go on the offensive, first heading for the nearby tribes around their borders to eliminate the threat. They ask the Crimean/Caucasian Union for help.
  • Confederation of Yucatan: Gives aid to those it can. The army launches a massive (by CoY standards) assault killing many raiders. Expansion continues at a slower pace.
  • The Paris Empire Starts A Invasion Aquitanian and Southern France Campaign to Reunify the Nation under One Nation, The Kingdom of Portugal Ask Parisian Empire and Send the Princess to Marry the Emperor's son in Paris, Portugal Gives its Morocco Possesion if Paris Manages to stop any Hispanian attack for the Next Years.
  • South Causcaus (Azerbaijan): President Aliyev is attacked while out and killed by a North Causcasian group of soldiers, there are reports of extreme brutality being performed by the North, in retaliation for "crimes against humanity", (which are never made public to the crowd of Baku). Two provisional governments are announced in his place, one in Ganja, the other in Lankaran. (Both informatively named, North Azerbaijan, and South Azerbaijan, respectively). However, while the Lankaran government wants a peaceful resolution to the violence, it's Ganja that holds most of the country's former military, since some of them deserted the Capital when the North invaded. (Ganja- Military of 116,000. Lankaran- Military of 9,000). President Elmar Valiyev, the mayor of Ganja, is appointed President of the Republic of Ganja, along with Commander-in-Chief of the Ganjan Army. Unfortunately, he has the same beliefs as the former Government in Baku, and sends 50,000 soldiers to defend the region, being told to take no prisoners.
  • Hispania: Great Forces are send to protect the north, industrialization continues, some new ships are manufactured, congress elections are called.
  • Venice: Venice sends aid to Roma. Also Venice calls back all armies to heal up in case of an invasion.
  • Nova Colombia: troops are sent to Lousiana to keep pushing north to Central North American Domains, the Economic Charge of Domaining most of the Caribbean the army Sends Troops to Take Over Cuba and Stable a Station to Keep Going Farther to North American terrain.


  • Mod Event: in Roman Republic Crisis Grows as The rest of Italy starts Movements against The Roman Governments
  • Mod Events the Albanians Keep Fighting Against Greece, The North Caucasians Form defenses in the Capital and western terrain of South Caucasia. The government ask for South Caucasia to surrender or they will force them.
  • Mod event in Great Britain the Other England Kingdoms ask London To Fuse into a bigger nation.
  • The king of Portugal is killed. The Parisian Emperor's son hears the News and Declares himself the King of Portugal and Annexes the Portuguese Territory to Parisian Empire.
  • Mod Event:in Vandaly, Crisis Starts as Muslim Men Come From the Desert and Begin Sacking the Cities.
  • Mod Event:From East a Threat Rises Up, Russian and Kazakhstan People Fleeing from Central Asia Travel to Central Europe. They Start Sacking Up Europe, Starting By the Caucasias and Following Greece, and Venice a New war Starts And Lyon Is again the Centre of the war Albania and Vandaly Join with them and the Russian and Kazakhstani tribes.
  • Mod Event:In America Raiders Keep Attacking While Cascadian, Californian and Yucatanian attempt to contain them, Nova Colombia Faces a New Threat: Argentinian Tribes Enter The Nation and Start Sacking - Marching through The west Coast Up to Guayaquil.
  • Mod Event: Axum and Egypt Central African Tribes March Into Both States Invading Important Domains in East and North Africa Reaching As well the Mediterranean.
  • Greece finally drives out the barbarian forces and begins going on the offensive. They demand territorial concessions and payment if the Greek forces were to stop fighting. (RNG please?) They continue to support North Azerbaijan in the conflict.
    • OK barbarians give you a lot of the Balkans and Albania.
  • South Causcasia: With two differing opinions, President of South Azerbaijan (Lankaran), Vugar Suleymanov (a mix of a common given name and surname, but not a real man in history), wants to end the conflict with North Azerbaijan and North Causcasia, seeing how the former Baku's government has caused nothing but trouble. Lankaran considers itself the successor to Baku, and wants to ask for a treaty with North Causcasia. However, apparently, there are reports of North Azerbaijani military, claiming that Ganja is the proper successor to Baku, and is threatening to send 30,000 soldiers to invade Lankaran if Suleymanov tries to bring peace between Azerbaijan and North Causcaus/Armenia/Georgia.
  • North Caucasia Agrees, what do you have in mind?
    • South Causcasian (Lankaran) Diplomacy: What President Suleymanov proposes is for a peaceful end to the conflict, and trying to bring the end of enimity between Muslims and Christians, and is greatly sorry for the atrocities caused by Baku. (He was part of the military, one of the Lieutenants, though he was mainly in the Lankaran base, but still heard demands from the Commanders). He is willing to travel to Yerevan (where hopefully North Caucausian diplomats will meet, though we are willing to meet in Tbilisi, or Occupied Baku). We also ask for defense from the North Caucasians. Georgians, and even Armenians if willing, since we know that Ganja is going to attack Lankaran, and Civil War seems inevitable.
    • North Caucasia agrees - South Caucasia will support you and an advice expand South and Eastward
  • Axum: The Axumite forces expand deeper into Yemen, and having capital San'a the year before, the Axumites seek to take Medina. In Africa, Axum invades the Darfur Region, killing thousands of resisters, and annihilating all that they see. The railroad system is expanded out into that region to aid in the colonization of Sudan, and plans to begin expanding the gift of electricity into the towns surrounding the capital begins. Also, the kingdom surrounding Lake Victoria, now renamed Lake Menelik, has been annexed by the empire, and 50,000 of its men, women and children are sent back to Gondar and Addis Ababa to serve as "entertainment".
    • That Kingdom is Uganda and you can't annex it. You need to go to war with it though I'm going to give your domain a part of it
    • Ah, thank you. I was a bit unsure.
  • London: London has accepted the offer of the other English kingdoms to join into Great Britain while the walls on the eastern side have been completed as a new name to be called British Isles. They look for an alliance with Greece.
  • Confederation of Yucatan: the confederation brings its secret weapon into play. The few surviving Mayan communities. These people have been waging guerrilla warfare for centuries (This is True) With their expertise a wave of precision strikes is launched, hitting raider supply stations, bases and other installations. The army occupies more land.
  • Parisian Empire: the Emperor sees its chance to take over Portugal and His son is crowned as the king of Portugal, the people reject this idea and declare the republic of Portugal. This is considered as an act of war against the empire, after taking over South France an alliance is asked to Hispania to finish off the Portuguese revolutionaries and take over it in exchange they will get land under portuguese domain currently, Britain has Been taken, the armies take over some terrain as well in the East In Germany and War is been Executed on the Lyonese Republic annexing a lot of it.
  • North Caucasia Expands westward to White Russia and Romania

  • In Nova Colombia Tribal Federation Rises Up Threatening with a constant group of Raiders attacking both Yucatan and Colombia. Nova Colombia, seeing this, asks Yucatan to help them Finish off In Exchange for army assets.
  • In the New Ottoman Empire New Nations from Muslim barbarians coming from the outside and an arrival from a group of Jews from Europe forming Federation of Nations in the Domains of The Empire.
  • The Kingdom of Vandaly Became a Vassal State of Paris, Hispania and Venice.
  • Uganda Became Vassal state of Axum.
  • also Nations can make vassal states near them if they can't fully invade.
  • Hispania/Aragon:We accept, and start sending fleet ships to Western African islands and Coast to set colonies.
  • Nova Colombia: The Response to such a threat such as tribes in their domain is war, these states are against the Republic and the response is immediate war is on them, While this occurs in Baja California the fleet sends ships to the Sea of Cortez and sends a colony in Mexico. Louisiana expands and Cuba keeps being invaded.


  • Mod Event: Hispania and Paris renamed The Galian Empire enters into war with Portugal.
  • Mod Event:In Nova Colombian south borders and west coast, federations of tribes enter and Put control to the states.
  • Mod Event:the Czech and Russian Push to Germany, Venice, France and Hispania.
  • Mod Event:The Euxinian War is Over. Albania Ceases conflicts with Greece.
  • Mod Event:In Yucatan the Mexicans start anti Yucatanian Movements.
  • Mod Event the New Ottoman Empire Falls to Pieces. The Kingdom of the Jews rises in Israel.
  • Mod Event North Caucasia Has occupied all North Azerbaijan.
  • Greece is overjoyed the fact they gained new land in the Balkans and Albania, now only the Turkish barbarians to deal with. To ensure that the western barbarians do not invade Greece again, however, they establish a series of defenses in the country's western and northern borders. They begin to beat back at the barbarians, demanding money and land.
  • South Causcaus: By October 1st, President Suleymanov goes to sign the treaty with North Causcaus, ending all hostilities between Azerbaijan and the Christians, and hopes to rebuild the nation. The Republic of Lankaran is renamed to The Third Republic of Azerbaijan which, rather than start conflicts with other religions, wishes to start expanding the country southwards, in a more diplomatic situation. With Ganja occupied, the new Republic will be taking prisoners in for rehabilitation. All new bunch of policies are put into play.
    • Citizens have a right to be Muslim or Christian.
    • Any act of atrocities performed by soldiers, or angry mob, will be reported to the High Council of Lankaran, or to the country they arrived from.
    • Armenia and Georgia will have a right to join North Causcaus, remain with Azerbaijan (which is unlikely, despite peace treaties), or become independent, sovereign nations. Either way, the provisional government in Yerevan will receive compensation for the acts of soldiers under the Aliyev regime.
    • Lankaran shall be the new Capital, although we really hope that Baku and Ganja can peacefully be integrated into the Third Republic.
    • There will be a focus on exploration and extending the nation south, peacefully, though an Armed Forces may still be used for defense, or protection of diplomats.
    • We hope that we will be given full access to the oil wells, if gasoline becomes popular again, which 25% will be given to North Causcaus, and another quarter will be split between Armenia and Georgia, once again, for compensation.
    • We wish to make an eventual alliance, like a Transcauscasian Alliance, or whatever makes a new good name.
  • Confederation of Yucatan:We agree to help our friends and allies the NVC. We must request that their colony in Mexico is removed as this violates our territorial claims. We are willing to buy them off you if need be. Work continues on Health. Education is made compulsory.
  • Roma: Roma tries to fight the movements against the government by lowering taxes in the areas of high revolt risk. They don't send troops yet not wanting to provoke the rebels. If any revolts break out they hope that the MUFS will send aid. They do send troops to the southern coast to protect from the Sicilians.
  • Axum: Seeking to secure the road to the Imperial capital, the military invades the large to the dead west of the central empire, and begins converting the populace to the one true faith. Also, in Arabia, the Imperial armies do not cease their drive to the north, and capture and raze Mecca to the ground, claiming the city's destruction as a religious victory against Islam. A warship is dispatched from Mombasa to head east across the Indian Ocean to find the wealthy lands of India spoken of back home. Plans to invade and conquer the riches of that land are already underway.
  • South Causcasian Diplomacy: Disgusted at your religious war, and that you chose to destroy Mecca during the Hajj (which mean at least thousands of our citizens were killed), President Suleymanov orders any Muslim tribes, and their allies, to retaliate at Axum, at their mass murder of people who did nothing to them. We have learned the hard way what religious wars have done, but yet, you provoke it.
    • Sorry, but you do not have long range communication yet, and any news you get will take some. In a few years you can make this post again. Okay?
  • Galian Empire:the Empire War against Aquitania keeps in south and while the Lyonese war rages in the east, the empire asks Roma to help Put down the Lyonese and they will keep most of the Lyonese terrain if they grant us Mediterranean regions under your control to us. The army Starts Expeditions to Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.
  • Great Britain (change from London): London has a new name after the public voted with their hands as the change was 60% to 40%. After that they have gone into war with the Western Border. Education had been made for you to get a job.
  • Hispania: the army marches to Portugal to help the Galian army fight against the Portuguese rebels while they hear news from an German Nation bordering the Galian Empire, the nation annexes the vassal state of Vandaly to the republic and sends troops to conquer the southern territories of Morocco in an attempt to gain terrain.
  • Nova Colombia: the army keeps fighting the Federation of tribes formed in Neo Colombian terrain, and while the citizens of the republic see the future destruction of their nation's inevitable a general rises up and call himself the Imperator Americanum and with the support of the army manages to cut the marching army to Cucuta, the capital of the Republic.


  • Mod Events: In Portugal the Hispanian and Galian army meet up in their campaign against rebels.
  • Mod Event:Axum enters crisis as in the south kingdoms rise from the Axum land, they will not Let outsiders control them anymore .
  • Mod Event:A disease spreads in Europe killing millions in Galia, Hispania and the Mediterranean nations, the Azerbaijan and North Caucasia Finally end their conflicts. North Caucasia cedes the north-eastern terrains of Azerbaijan, in the south Azerbaijan annexes Muslim tribes to the nation.
  • Mod Event:In Egypt nations Arise from the republic.
  • Mod Event:The Kingdom of Judah invades part of Egypt and Syria.
  • Mod Event:Axum makes Contact with India and sets a port into their control, As well in the north Axumite influence is made into the Egyptian nations and they reach the Mediterranean.
  • Mod Event:Nova Colombia is declared the Empire of Neocolombia with Julio Antonio Belalcazar in their command.
  • Mod Event in Mexico the Yucatan confederation expands north.
  • Mod Event Cuba declares independence from Colombian influenced by the federation of tribes in Colombia.
  • Greece begin military isolation of any provinces affected by the plague and outs research into the cure. The troops are forced to cease fire with the Turkish barbarians in order to help enforce order. The country begins reconstruction after the war, but its capabilities are limited thanks to the disease.
  • Confederation of Yucatan: Watches events in Columbia closely. Military is put on High alert. A prototype armoured car is introduced, consisting of a 4x4 with corrugated metal sheets welded on. It is named the Armadillo. Expansion halts and work progresses on stabilising the new land.
  • Germany: The German people are sending colonists to the former Polish coast and former Sweden. The German people wish to develop their nation peacefully into a multicultural realm. They refuse to identify themselves with the "warmongering savages that are the South German tribes".
  • The Galian Empire: The empire is affected by the plague in most of its imperial dominion in Europe and seeing this the praetores of the North African domains cease contact with the rest of European domains In North Africa From Spain and the Sicilian nation in an attempt to cease spreading the infection in northern Europe. The Army in the Baltic Meets the German Colonizers while the army starts sending the Non-Infected army into scandinavian and Irish Territories to both set Colonies and to Keep them healthy.
  • Neocolombian Empire: the army Keeps fighting against the Tribal federations in The south and west of the nation, and Killing their leadership and offering their citizens the Citizenship to the Empire, (5 No -10 yes) 10 yes the Federations surrender to the Colombian Empire.
  • Great Britain: The British army has given supplies for the Mediterranean nations. Plans have gone into action as the north tip of the country goes into war. Great Britain looks to be friends with Greece and Germany.
  • South Causcaus: Much effort is made, to bring in Muslim tribes, into the Third Republic of Azerbaijan, where development on how to make electricity continues. The Military is being changed into a defensive military, rather than an aggressive one, however, development of AKM assault rifles begin development, along with ammo, which some will be given to North Causcaus, as an ironic sign of peace between the two nations. There is much applause, when Baku, along with the oil wells, are given back to Azerbaijan, as per the agreement on the Treaty of Baku. There are still Azeri nationalists, angered that the "Infidels" to the north, won, and forced Azerbaijan into a treaty, and that this victory was being faked by them. In order to maintain newly-formed relations, President Suleymanov orders police, to take down these terrorists (the Lankaran Government Office was nearly blown up, early one morning, before someone suspicious was seen).
  • Axum: The Emperor is enraged, and orders his forces to invade and exterminate all non-Axumite residents. Hordes of his armies pour into the rebelling kingdoms, and no man, woman or child are spared. Colonists from central Axum are sent into the region to begin filling in where the rebels were removed. Hundreds of thousands are killed in the suppression. Meanwhile, the Emperor visits India with his family to see this new land his men have rediscovered. The Emperor, astounded by the wealth he sees, plans to return in the future with armies, which are to take this wealth in his name. However, he is content to explore the lands just a bit more for the time being.
    • South Causcasian Response: Refugees manage to make it to tribes to the south of Azerbaijan, where news is heard about the mass killings that the Axumites are performing. Until further action can be taken, we welcome any refugee, regardless of religion.
  • Cascadia: The government continues its war against raiders and builds up the infrastructure. Several breakthroughs in military technology makes the invention of tanks feasible by 2002. General Pritchard begins further expansion into the east.
  • Kingdom of China: The Kingdom of China has declared itself an Empire and will be referred to as the Empire of China from now on. Successful ventures in the west have led to the discoveries of steppes and deserts, which have now been claimed for the Empire of China. The building up of the Chinese navy and infrastructure has so far been successful. Plans have been established to expand into Japan.
  • Hispania: the Republic sends troops to Western Africa to set small colonies.


  • Mod event: Axum Reconquers some terrains at The small kingdoms of southern territories of the empire. Yet Uganda and some of these kingdoms aren't under control
  • Mod event:Neocolombia Recovers their control of America and keep pushing to Brazil.
  • Mod Event: In the cold north of Europe, in Scandinavia the Kingdom of Norway is born in the west dominating part of Iceland as well.
  • Mod Event: An earthquake occurs in the Neocolombian and Yucatan borders killing about 1,000 persons total.
  • Mod Event: Irish Citizens have been saying to the French nation that they've met up with Americans during the dark ages and that they fled from their nations on the other side of the ocean.
  • Mod Event:France set up a protectorate/vassal state in the Kingdom of Judea.
  • Greece recovers after that dark period of plague. The government begins an era of economical and cultural growth to restore Greece to what it used to be. They begin building factories, laying transportation infrastructure, encouraging businesses and financial investments, and reducing the army size. They still, however, patrol the borders just in case the invaders come again.
  • Axum: In the final push, the Axumite forces invade and wipe out hundreds of thousands of rebelling subjects, capturing any survivors and bringing them back to the imperial capital to serve as slaves. The Emperor is not to be trifled with. In India, the Axumite authorities purchase vast swaths of land for their colonists, and begin expanding peacefully into the surrounding lands. The same cannot be said in Arabia, where Axumite forces continue to ravage the lands, and kill any inhabitants they happen upon. One force invades the Kingdom of Oman, while the other reaches the Kingdom of Israel. Plans to build a railroad in the newly conquered lands are underway.
  • Nova Colombia:A Plan to update the fleet is started in Hispania Dominicanae as well as campaign to recover Sanctum Ioannae and to eventually impulse the campaigns to invade central North American territories and set colonies In Terranova to initiate contact protocols with western Europe. While the pacification of the nation Continues starting the Pax prima and the antebellum natio terra Colombiana as well pushing the Conquest in Brazil and Peru.
  • Scandinavia: Military and civil scientific investigation is made, the army is reorganized and armed. The civil industry grows.
  • Germany: The Germans attempt to strike an alliance with the Norwegians. Defensive walls are built to keep out the South German tribes and the conflicts of the Mediterranean region. Northeast Poland is claimed by the government of Germany.
  • Galian Empire: The nation initiates conflicts with the Russian tribes as explorers Meet With Russian tribes and citizens as they reach seeking out for resources in Russian land - sparking the European war as the tribal nations have formed in Russia. The explorers come back to the empire to warn about an inminent assault from the Russian tribes to Germany, Greece, Roma and Spain to settle in their lands. The nation asks all other nations to help put a defensive barrier in the Baltic Sea to defend the territories under European domain.
  • Cascadia: Assistance is sent to Yucatan and Neocolumbia following the earthquake. Meanwhile, a massive draft is made that almost doubles the size of the military. Governor Pritchard announces his plans for re-election later this year and several rivals announce theirs - most notably Michelle Robinson from the Unity Party, the second major party other than Pritchard's Gentlemen's Party.


  • mod event: The First Russian wave of tribes arrive to the Galian empire and venice and start attacking.
  • Mod Event: Ireland becomes a nation organized.
  • Mod Event: In the Sahara raiders arrive to Egypt the vassal states, Hispania and Axum.
  • Mod Event: In India a revolution occurs killing the leaders of the Indo.
  • Mod Event: The Neocolombian Empire Meets up with the Republic of Peru and Rep of Brazil.
  • Mod Event: Tribes start Raiding Cascadia and California.
  • Mod Event: Greece and Judea are assaulted by Muslim tribes.
  • Geeece is once again thrown back into conflict when Muslim tribes from the east begin attacking the country. They declare war once again to ensure they do not attack again. They remain on defensive at first to repel any invasions.
  • Cascadia: The public is furious by the recent raider attacks. In a speech, Governor Pritchard accused California of supplying raiders with weapons and resources. Wishing for vengeance, the public demanded war. Cascadian soldiers, many from the draft earlier in the year, surged past the Cascadia-California Wall into the southern country. A message was sent to Neocolumbia and Yucatan asking for assistance.
  • Confederation of Yucatan: Is shocked that Cascadia should be so quick to judge. Note that California is being attacked as well. We see no reason to weaken the fragile communities in North America further by division. The army is mobalised, but we declare ourselves neutral. Reconstruction from the earthquake is completed. The Confederate Society of Exploration (CSE) is set up. Funding is put towards the ability to launch explorative missions in the Americas, with the ultimate goal of making contact with every American state.
  • South Causcaus: Furious of the Axumite's atrocities (Muslim refugees should have reached Azerbaijan by now), despite a deal not to be become aggressive on orders of North Causcaus, we secretly prepare 1000 Azerbaijani soldiers to be sent to protect any nearby Muslim tribes, in case Axum continues its genocide. However, Azeri nationalists, (who call themselves Bakuists) are against the treaty, and announce in letters threats towards North Causcasian diplomats in Azerbaijan.
  • Hispania: Help to Greece. Scientific research. Weapons industry grows. Agriculture uses tech.
  • Galian Empire: Hispania is asked to help finish the war against Portuguese and Aquitanian Kingdoms, as welln they continue expanding their Vassal state in North Africa and colonize part of Libya.
  • Neocolombian Empire: The army keeps their assaults and Central Brazil terrains and are sent to start colonies in Mexican lands.


  • Mod Event: Tribes from the Arabia and Egypt with some of the South Caucasus troops form the Duchy of the Mecca (Vassal state of South Caucasus) as well the Kingdom of the Lebanon.
  • Mod Event:In America a new nation arises - the Republic of Newfoundland.
  • Mod Event: Australia receives its very first nations: the Kingdom of Queensland, the Republic of Darwin, the Kingdom of Victory and the Republic of New Gales.
  • Mod Event: New Zealand reborns divided in two: the North and the South Zealand.
  • Mod Event: In America Raiders from the Mississippi arrive to Cascadia and the Colonies of the Colombian Empire in the Gulf Coast.
  • Mod Events Europe enters to war as the Aquitanian and Lyonese kingdom enter into the conflict with the Spain and Galian Nations. They occupy parts of Galia, Spain, Italy and Venice nations. Albania and Sicily enter the Axis as well as Portugal sparking the first European war.
  • Mod Event In italy the first Pope since the crisis is Chosen. JVLIVS II is chosen as the pope of the Catholics.
  • Greece: continues to fight off the eastern Muslim tribes. Mobilization begins once again in order to fight a powerful enemy they have long hated. The troops, originating from a mountainous country, get used to the battle geography just as the Turks. They continue to make slow, but steady advances.
  • Cascadia: The elections for Governor are held. Pritchard wins re-election. He sends more troops into California, devastating northern cities. A total war on raiders is declared, with walls beginning construction all around the borders, employing millions of people. Captured raiders are executed.
  • Confederation of Yucatan: The CSE growing rapidly. The military expands northwards. For the first time, the government admits that it claims all of what was once Mexico (or whatever the Atl equivalent is). Non-Military Aid is sent to California. We ask the Novo Colombians to withdraw from or sell their colonies in Baja California. Not knowing that a new Pope has been appointed, and with people crying out for spiritual support the Catholic Church in the Confederation appoints Pope Freedom of the Yucatan.
  • South Caucasus: United with fellow Muslims from Arabia and Egypt, along with the formation of two vassal states, President Suleymanov promises that Axum will pay for the atrocities they have committed towards the Arabs. Military rapidly grows, combined with many refugees, that are fathers that wish revenge for the massacres caused by Axum. The port in Baku and Astana are reopened, to redevelop ships for the newly formed Qafqaz Dəniz Silah (Caucasus Navy, though it literally translates to "Caucasus Naval Weapon"), which has the development of five new Baki-class frigates planned for construction, to establish Azeri dominance in the Caspian Sea. Conscription is reintroduced, and to take advantage of the country's nationalism, this time, focusing the hatred towards the Axum threat. Troops are mobilized to defend our new states of Mecca and Lebanon, hoping to defend the countries by the end of the year, before Axum ravages these already vunerable lands.
  • Axum: Outraged by the Caucasian annexation of an Axumite province, the Emperor orders 35,000 men sent to reclaim Mecca, and kill, burn and destroy everything; the men, the women, the children, the livestock, and the crops, everything. The formerly peaceful Axumite forces in India go hostile, and begin massacring the native population to make room for the Axumite colonists. The last rebel states in Axum are ruthlessly crushed, and the rebel leaders tortured to death during the emperor's victory banquet. The Axumite forces in Arabia march on the Omani capital seeking to inflict that same "justice" on them as they did in Mecca and Medina. Plans to invade Israel and punish the Jews for their murder of the Axumite Lord and Savior are laid out, and preparations are began in earnest.
  • Galian Empire: The Forming of the Vassal state of the South caucasian, the Lebanon means no threat to the Galian Vassal Kingdom of Judea. The rumors from Muslim survivors from Arabia arise speaking about one army marching to the kingdom, the army in the Libyan colony is sent through a small fleet to the Kingdom of Israel.
  • Nova Colombian Empire: Despite the claims the Empire will not withdraw from Baja California, the remaining Mexican will be sold to the Yucatan depending on their offer. Seeing the Yucatanian Conception of the new pope the Emperor declares Cuba as the Papal Kingdom Giving all Catholic religious movements from the empire and beyond host and Power over the sovereignty of the province, the emperor calls a choice between the Yucatanians and the Colombians to choose and Universal American Pope, offering the Father Juan Andres Serrano as Pope candidate, The army Continues Their Campaign in Brazil.


  • Mod Events: the New Ottoman Empire has fall Under Judean Hands.
  • Mod Event: The Caliphate of Arabia, the Caliphate of Oman, The kingdom of the Indo and the Kingdom of Cyrene and Khartum declare full war against Axumites forming the Arabian Alliance against them.
  • Mod Event: Khartum and Cyrene join the European war in the Continental Axis (Aquitania, Lyon).
  • Mod Event: The Turkish Tribes Continue their Raids against the Greeks.
  • Mod Event: Russian and Nordic Tribes enter the Central Europe and Raid Galian, Germanian and Greek Cities.
  • Mod Event: The Russian and Nordic Join and Give aid to the Continental Axis.
  • Mod Event The First Long term Travel Occurs from the Confederation of Yucatan to New Foundland (RNG -5- =3) Making contact with the first North American citizens since 1960.
  • Mod Event The First actual state that forms from the Axum Empire: the Kingdom of Abbisinia.
  • Mod event: The allies (Galian, Hispania, Romana, Venice and Greece) ask the South Caucasian help in the war.
  • Mod Event Cascadia Is assaulted by Russian tribesman arriving from the Bering Strait and Alaska.
  • Mod Event Small states arise from the New York Republic.
  • Greece: Emerges somewhat victorious against the Turkish tribes and gains a little territory from them. Realizing Russian and Nordic tribes are raiding their country, they send the military and navy to defend the country in every way possible. They ask Germany and Galia to unite against their common foes.
  • South Caucasus: With the atrocities that Axum performs, Azerbaijan declares war on Axum, and mobilizes all available troops to begin attacking the enemy. Hearing of the request that Galian, Hispania, Romana, Venice and Greece asks for Azerbaijan's help, we are helping out those states, as long as they help out in the war against Axum. There are orders that all Axumite soldiers are to be captured, and beaten to death, as they don't have our sympathy at all, after the genocide they are committing. Nationalists move their hate away from the Armenians, Georgians and Russians, now focusing their anger on Axum.
  • Confederation of Yucatan: The CSE sets up an embassy in NewFoundland. Trade agreements are proposed. Gifts are given as a sign of goodwill. We ask the Columbians name their price. More non-military aid is given to California and a warning sent to Cascadia. We wish for them to end this pointless war. As a deterrent to a negative answer the military is expanded and the government approves the right to introduce conscription. The military budget is increased and the army is put on full alert. Note well. The next step is war.
  • Galian Empire: Agrees with Greece thus accepting the alliance but states that we should first focus on the continental threats such as the Lyonese empire, the Kingdom of Aquitania and the Kingdom of Albania. The war council states that the better options are to fight first against the Lyonese to get the first Mediterranean outlet in the continental areas.
  • Great Britain: In a massive change to their plans, the British army and navy has gone down south as war is declared between Paris and with latest weapons are hoping to take the land. They keep looking for allies to help them in the war with offers giving out to South Caucasus, Galian Empire to be partners.
  • eh, Paris is the same Galian Empire as in Wars it Invaded Aquitania and parts of Lyonese, Though You can Always Help in the European war.
    • South Caucasian Diplomacy: We offer to support the British in their war. In return, we hope that they will join us in fighting Axum.
    • Great Britain Reply: We accept your offer for the fighting in Axum.
  • Axum: The Emperor declares a holy war against the Muslim threat, and the liquidation of the entire population, and orders the gruesome torture of nearly 450,000 Arab inhabitants in Axumite holdings as punishment for their "crimes". An army of a quarter of a million men, rivialing the size of its ancient Persia's invasion of Greece, is assembled in Djibouti and are preparing to march into Arabia to destroy everything. The people shout the new "Three All" policy; Kill All, Burn All, Destroy All. The emperor also announces plans to build a new capital city entirely out of the bones of the empire's dead enemies.
    • the Galian Empire warns that any intrusion in Judea will result in an European Campaign to your Destruction
    • Amuxite Response: You're a tiny, frail nation with no might to back up your threats. Your people shall be tortured to death in the great halls of the Emperor's palace.
  • Hispania: Continues fighting and building military. Agriculture grows up. Tech research is made.


  • Mod Event: The war escalates, and the Galian-Axumite Conflict Rises with the fear of Iivasion on the Galian Judea.
  • Mod Event: In America, The Citizens of Nova Colombia become with the Yucatanian the most powerful in their continent as the other known are in constant crisis caused from raiders or disorganized politically.
  • Mod Event: the Pope JVLIVS II is infected with an unknown disease.
  • Mod Event: the Galian Empire with their allies keep pushing against the Lyonese and Aquitanian while the Greek continue finish their campaign at Albania with a peace treaty recovering a great part of their original domain.
  • Mod Event: the raiders from America end up, as this ones settled in California and the later Texas domain.
  • Mesopotamia rises in Iran founded by Greeks gathered there.
  • Greece continues to struggle with the barbarians from the north and the east. They take a defensive posture in the wars as they are busy defending their homeland. With Greek settlers founding Mesopotamia, Greece asks it to join the country due to being the same people.
  • Well, they can agree for an alliance but uniting the nation is not possible until the nation is formed or until you control more terrain anD have a better transport system, words, too far
    • South Caucasian Diplomacy: We offer an alliance with Azerbaijan and Galian Empire, to fight back against the Axumite threat. In return, we promise to stay Neutral in any conflicts with Greece, and may also be able to stop Turkish tribes from attacking Greece. (Azerbaijan is considered Turkic, and is often referred to as Turkey's brother in real life.)
    • Greek Response: Fine.
  • Yucatan Confederation: Founds a colony next to New Foundland and expands the Homeland northwards reaching Baja California. They carefully Stay Away from the Colombian settlements. They're not going within 50 km of the border. Would Colombia give us Baja if we recognised their Pope?
  • South Caucasus: The war rages on in the Arabian Peninsula, especially at the site of the mass murders and rape of our Arab brothers and sisters. The hot desert heat steadily increases the violence. Many prisoners, that were arrested on war crimes during the Caucasian War, are sneaked out of prisons in Armenia and Nakhchivan (currently North Caucasus territory), and sneaked into the war zone in Arabia, where they can perform their killings on other soldiers that are more evil than they are. Many soldiers of Axum are reportedly beaten, stomped on, slashed, shot, some soldiers even anally and orally sodomized by the Irregular Azeri Soldiers. Sympathy is not expected, since many of these enemies were rapists and murderers themselves, leading to even the most sympathetic General not stopping some of the more so.
  • Galian Empire: The army of 40,000 prepares in Judea with tanks and 4x4's to wage war against the Axumites in the aid of the muslims and the Oman Caliphate, as well with the purpose of destroying its major threat in the current world they I've contacted, while this occurs, in Europe the army continues marching over Aquitania terrains and Lyonese nation in an attempt to finish the war.
  • Great Britain: The army of 35,000 prepares to attack Former Scotland largest city of Glagsow. With that in mind they let a spy into the country to release all the prisoners that are in the jail. Parliament has made the education going up to year 12 officaly.
  • Axum: The Axumite capture Mecca, and burn it to the ground. All of the survivors are captured, and tortured to death on the stop. The Imperial Army in Arabia, numbering 60-70,000 troops, and some 300 tanks, are given the singular order to march in Israel and destroy everything. A second army is being amassed to march on the Caucaus, and bring fresh slaves back to the core of the empire. In India, Gujarat is thoroughly subjugated, and the people liquidated. The chosiest men and women are sent back to Axum to serve as imperial sex slaves, and the children to be raised as loyal Axumite subjects. Back in Arabia, the Emperor orders a special law into effect. Arabian boys are to be grown to serve as the core of a new Arabian slave army and the women to be moved to "farms" to aid in the increase of the Axumite population. The Imperial navy is ordered to the Red Sea to add the troops in their march north to Israel, and to destroy any coastal settlements on their way. In some areas of the warzone, lack of food has allowed the officers to enact another law, one where they are permitted to eat the prisoners. In Eritrea, the Emperor orders that every many woman, and child, some 2.5 million people, be executed for their attempt to break off from the empire. The region is to be resettle by loyal Axumite citizens, hopefully aliviating the overpopulation in the highlands.
    • South Caucasian Diplomacy: You have made a great mistake. No Arab will bow down to you after the destruction of the Holy Land. Muslims of all kinds will gather together, and destroy the infidels who wiped out Mecca. Men and women alike will gather together to fight back the Axum Threat. The Arab Legion will grow from 200,000 to over a million, from all over the desert, and bring down Axumite soldiers. Abandoned tanks from killed Axumite soldiers, along with older rusted tanks from Yemen, are being rebuilt, along with early 20th Century century machine guns from the former Yemeni and Saudi Army museums. Engineers immigrating to Lankaran, Baku and other parts of Azerbaijan are already developing on the most powerful tanks since pre-Doomsday. Contact is being made to Judea, where despite religious differences, we will band together, and use the Israeli and former Syrian Navy to repel the Axumite Imperial Navy. We have the oil, we're going to use it.
    • Axumite Diplomacy: You are fighting an empire five times your size. The armies of the Emperor are infinite. We have plenty of oil as well, and our legions continue to disembark on the Arabia coastland. Our resources, our manpower, and our guns are endless. The beast that is Axum shall consume you, bones and all. Your men and women shall serve in the pleasure palaces of our people, and children shall fill our stomachs, and your cities shall burn. Play with your million man army, for it shall be the last you have the pleasure of handling.
    • In fact just a few nation can use that oil and your nation is big and tough but not as powerfull as you think, because there are many independentist movements and anti-axumite movement and the other nations, galian empire and south caucasus are as much powerful as you
    • I'm aware of that, which is why I wiped out the non-Axumite populations in Uganda and Eritrea as well as Arabia. Uganda was resettled, and Arabia is being resettled. Eritrea is undergoing that process right now, as well as Gujarat. Plus, I have population size on my side, meaning manpower for the military. Not bragging, but just pointing out the facts. Sweet glorious facts. :d
    • Yes, you have that, but most of the population just wants to be out of your control so that makes that your military is of the same amount as ours, and I have bad news for you. See the talk page later.


  • Mod Event: The War ends in Europe with the elimination of the Lyonese and aquitanian empires
  • Mod Event: Axum lost the war due to lack of, a professional army, and due to the lack of support from their citizens they lost Arabian terrains, of course not without causing severe damage.
  • Mod Event: Galian and Caucasian vassal states form in Axumite Arabia.
  • Mod Event: In America peace continues as the Colombian Empire begins its golden age to rebuild and reinstate the law system lost in the very first time since the blackout thirty years ago, they begin trying to trade with the Florida and New York states
  • My invasion was a holy war - but no matter. At least I made my point. >:D
  • Axum: The Axumites withdraw, but lay waste to lands on their way home. The Imperial Navy is placed at the narrowest point of the Red Sea to prevent purserers, and artillery mobilized to shell any enemy movements across the sea. The Axumites march in Eritrea, and resettle the now-vacant lands, starting colonies there with their families and the Arab slaves. In Gujarat, the colony is expanded to accommodate Axumite settlers who have cleared out the native population. In the empire proper, the Emperor orders swift expansion into the west, into the Congo to secure its borders there. After being distracted by the Arab vagrants, plans to return to conquering Africa are restarted. With hopes to keep the non-Axum populations low, the Emperor orders the death of every third man and every fifth woman to prevent growth. Additionally, he orders the excess Axumite population to spread out into East Africa, and assist the Imperial armies in expanding the nation. Construction of railroads, tanks, and more recently, aircraft, are resumed, and the empire looks forward to wiping out the Muslim enemy in the far off future.
  • Greece resigns due to implausibility.
  • Shame to see you leave. But I'd like to know why you're going. I'd be glad to change my move from anything implausible if that is the case.
  • South Casucaus: All over the Arab Legion, Muslim Tribes and Azerbaijan, all Muslims cheer at kicking out the genocidal force. An army once of 200,000, reaches 1.5 million and growing each week with many young Arabs wanting to avenge the atrocity now named The Catastrophe or The Rape of Mecca, Muslim tribes from all over the Middle East and beyond are joining the Legion. The Azeri Army continues growing as well, with many men signing up, bringing up the Armed Forces to nearly 300,000. While much slower than pre-Doomsday, at least 50 new-designed supertanks are being built (big in size, but use way more gasoline than any modern-day machine, but oil's not a problem in this setting), along with 700 Soviet-styled tanks being built in factories in Baku, Lankaran, Riyadh, Ankara, and the remains of Tehran. Religious peace is being made with the Jews and Christians in Judea and Jewish-controlled portions of Syria and Turkey, to gather together and fight Axum. Judea and the Yemeni Tribes will reformat their Naval Warships, to prepare for the next phase in the Axum Wars, to destroy the warships that the Axum Imperial Navy have left in the Red Sea. (Judist Ships can cross through the Suez Canal, along with some refitted Syrian and Turkish warships). We thank the British and Galiean forces for assisting us, with the President planned to make the first diplomatic meeting to Paris, which will be the first meeting to Europe since the Third Republic formed. General Viktor bey Mehmandarov of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces tells all allies that it's time to go offensive, and take the war to Axum.
  • Confederation of Yucatan: The North American colony expands as does the homeland. A ship is sent on a mission to plot the West Coast, detouring around Cascadia. Trade is increased with the New Foundlandese.
  • 'The Second Great Greek Empire arises'; and it establishes a small capital city called Athens. A democratic government takes charge, and orders 1/16th of the population to start military training.