The New American Monarchy was installed by the United States Congress in the late 1990s as a plan to help moderate the government. After a long line of terrible presidents and a worsening recession, Congress had announced their plan to the country to create the position of Sovereign of the United States to help bring the nation back to its former glory. The plan was obviously met with opposition from the anti-monarchist movements of the United States, but the support for a monarchy slowly outweighed it.

Congress had traced the lineage of every politician in the country eventually settling on Texas Senator Thomas Cormier, Alaska Governor Amelia Prentice, and Massachusetts Governor Alexander Cates. The three took the dynastic surnames of the largest cities in their states. As such Senator Cormier became the Prince of Houston, Governor Prentice became the Princess of Anchorage, and Governor Cates became the Prince of Boston. After a campaign that lasted three-and-a-half years, the citizens of the United States voted in favor of the House of Boston. The Speaker of the House was given the duty of informing the new King of the United States that he won the royal election and that his family would be the ruling family of the country. Alexander chose the regnal name Matthew I, after his middle name Matthew Richard. He granted his former opponents honorary princely titles.

List of Monarchs of the New American Monarchy

  • August 26, 1999 -- Present: Matthew I, House of Boston

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